Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Early clear skies clouded over somewhat as the day progressed, but it remained, dry and warm, feeling very pleasant in the light breeze.

Nothing at all was seen of note during yesterdays two hour patch visit, in dreary drizzly conditions, hence no blog, but today, during a five hour full patch walk I recorded 49 bird species, 50 with the SISKIN pair that are still visiting my garden feeders.

Five species were added to the months list today, the JAY (49) and the BULLFINCH (50) were expected, but less so were the 3 MEDITERRANEAN GULLS (51) that I firstly heard, then picked out in the clear blue sky over the Greenhouse Grounds. The fourth species was the long awaited CUCKOO (88,52), only a fly through bird, which called just twice, but the first record for my patch this year none the less, the median average first date for cuckoo here is the 14th April, but now Pittswood has lost its breeding Cuckoos it's pretty meaningless to carry on recording the first dates, i'll will anyway, of course!

Other Summer species recorded were the LESSER WHITETHROAT, COMMON WHITETHROAT, BLACKCAP, CHIFFCHAFF, SWALLOW and SWIFT, all but the latter are now on territories or nest building.

I was on the lookout for newly fledged young, but didn't find any, the MISTLETHRUSH pair that nested in the large garden adjacent to the Wet Woods were seen feeding, but not carrying food, so it looks like they may of failed with their breeding attempt, i'll have to keep an eye out to be sure though.

Later in the morning I had a bit of a sky watch, seeing plenty of BUZZARDS, as well as the male KESTREL, plus the fifth addition to the May list, a SPARROWHAWK (53). I was also on the lookout for Butterflies, but only this female Orange Tip was seen.

Female Orange Tip


Marc Heath said...

Well done with the Cuckoo, always a nice bird to encounter on any patch.

Derek Faulkner said...

Haven't heard a Cuckoo yet. They're becoming quite scarce on Sheppey now, nothing to do with habitat loss, just fewer Cuckoos.

Pete Woodruff said...

Great stuff, with the bonus of a Cuckoo and 3 Med Gulls. For my self, a Whinchat was the reward for my efforts, and my first Whitethroat seen, but still no Swift.

Keep on keeping on Warren.

Stephen Mills said...

Well done on the Cuckoo,Warren. Shame they no longer stay to breed!