Tuesday, 17 May 2016

I made no patch visit today, instead I headed off out to the local Wildlife Reserves of Bough Beech Reservoir and Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve.

By far the more interesting was the former mentioned, getting there before 07:00hrs in some lovely sunny weather helped..............

View Across the Main Reservoir

Another View

We encountered a good tally of 52 bird species, but being so early most of the raptor species, except the KESTREL, were not up and about, so Buzzard, Hobby and Sparrowhawk could well have been expected if we had stayed. Most enjoyable species seen for me, were :-  RINGED PLOVER, COMMON TERN, GARDEN WARBLER, REED WARBLER, REED BUNTING, NIGHTINGALE (In Song, my first of the year) and LITTLE EGRET, all birds that I would be lucky to see on my patch nowadays.

I took a few images, i'll post a few now a save some for later blog posts.............

The Ringed Plover was a bit distant, but the images are acceptable  :-)

Little Egret

Our visit to Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve was mainly to look for some Odonata species, but shorty after our arrival the cloud built and the temperature dropped, but we did get to see a couple of Banded Demoiselles, plus a few Common and Azure Blue Damselflies, the birding highlight was a couple of LITTLE RINGED PLOVERS, but constant noise from brush cutters being used to ''tidy'' the footpaths was a bit annoying, driving us off in the end, the footpaths hardly need widening any further, another case of health and safety over kill from KWT!


Pete Woodruff said...

All a very nice change of scenery for you Warren, and good to see the pics of the Ringed Plover.

You'll realise how lucky you are to say you had the Nightingale in song when I tell you it's more than likely I'll never have that experience ever again here in Lancashire, and never have had.

Warren Baker said...

How much longer will here their song ? They are declining fast here :-(