Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Long sunny periods with just a light wind made for a very pleasant day, the best for a month at least!

Two days couldn't be more different, yesterday was cool and cloudy, my patch visit provided nothing at all of note - hence no blog yesterday, but in todays summer weather my full patch walk provided a bird list of 49 species, four being new for the month, plus a new butterfly species for the year list, a Purple Hairstreak which was found at the edge of the Wet Woods. There were also three new Dragonfly species for the year seen, those being Emperor Dragonfly, Banded Demoiselle and Ruddy Darter.

The first new bird species to be added to the July list was the LESSER WHITETHROAT (51) one gave just a brief bit of song at the Greenhouse Grounds, but I couldn't find any young about, I'm convinced they have bred here though! The second new species for July was TAWNY OWL (52), A BLACKBIRD was mobbing one at the edge of the main lake, eventually sending it to hide deeper into cover, giving me good views as it flew off. The main lake provided the third new species for the month when two MANDARIN DUCKS (53) were spotted asleep under the branches of the trees that overhang the water. The fourth species to be added to the July list today was LITTLE OWL (54) two were calling to each other at the Small Holding area, later this afternoon I added a further species to the months list when a troop of 6 LONG TAILED TITS (55) visited my garden feeders, 50 species for the day!

Ruddy Darter

Beautiful Demoiselle, I failed to get an opportunity to photograph the Banded Demoiselle!


Marc Heath said...

A good day on the odo front Warren with some tasty shots too.

Derek Faulkner said...

Yesterday and today were spent at my favourite Kent site - Reculver. Today was especially hot and sunny. Great variety of wild flowers, butterflies and of course, much time spent watching the Sand Martin colony.

Pete Woodruff said...

Glad the weather has come good for you Warren, not for me. I was up in Bowland today, more like the first week in April than July, cloudy with a cool breeze.

Beautiful Demoiselle....beautiful indeed.