Monday, 4 July 2016

There was thick fog early this morning, clearing to sunny spells, before clouding over around midday.

With the fog not properly lifting until gone 08:00hrs, the most productive part of the morning was lost, however, I did get to see a GREY WAGTAIL (50) drop into the Greenhouse Grounds, bringing up the 50th species for July.

The KESTREL pair were seen up hunting and carrying prey to their young, which were not seen today, a BUZZARD was over the Wet Woods, where I heard what sounded like a young one constantly calling, unfortunately I couldn't locate it in the canopy, so successful breeding for this species has not been confirmed, but I suspect they have bred on my patch this year for the first time  :-)

Not much else was of note bird wise, but a search for Dragonflies and Butterflies proved more interesting when I saw my first Brown Hawker of the year, plus the first Small Skippers were seen.

Small Skipper, a male by the looks of it  :-)

A few White-legged Damsels were also seen, the males have now matured to a lovely powder blue colour.

Common Darter, Beautiful Demoiselle and large red Damselfly were the other Odonata species seen today.


Derek Faulkner said...

Hot and sunny here till 11.00 when cloud started rolling in and the wind got up.

Pete Woodruff said...

I'm seeing lots of Large Skipper in our area as opposed to the small. Not being well up on the butterfly scene, I'm not sure if this is locally significant or not.

I'm impressed with your pics again Warren, the skipper is excellent, but I can't go on singing your praises like this you understand.

Warren Baker said...

Small Skipper is a widespread and common species Pete :-)
As for my images.......just enjoy !

iSharkey fish said...

Nice to hear about the buzzards, i hope you get to locate nest for confirmation.
Not nice about the plum trees(i know how good they taste too. I used to go to Grimbles as a kid with my cousin). Man's need for money is limitless.
I am back as phone went wrong( sent away and wiped/fixed) and i forgot about blog

iSharkey fish said...
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Warren Baker said...

Welcome back isharkey fish!