Friday, 8 July 2016

This morning was grey and overcast, with a cool wind blowing - back to that weather again!

I wasn't out for long, the chorus of lawn mowers, strimmers and leaf blowers that seem to blight every Monday and Friday as the team of cheap immigrant labour tidy all the large local gardens, soon had me returning home, what a racket from 7 till midday!

The only thing of any note on my brief walk round Migrant Alley was a newly fledged GREEN WOODPECKER that was clinging on to a fence post, one more for the years 'Successfully bred' patch list, taking it to 35 now.

I escaped the noise, eventually making a visit to Sevenoaks wildfowl Reserve, where I tried to get some Odonata images, I was only partly successful though, as the cloud thickened and the wind got up - oh, and one of those bloody hover drones was being flown about the place  - more noise, duh!!

Blue Tailed Damselfly, this is a female, which come in five colour forms, this one being the 'Violacea' form.


Pete Woodruff said...

Pretty impressive Damselfly with some pretty impressive images, and useful info re colour forms which I previously knew nothing about, thanks Warren.

Pesky noise pollution....Humbug!!

Warren Baker said...

Hi Pete,
Lots to learn about Odonata still. They are fascinating creatures :-)