Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A bit of a disaster meant I had the unpleasant job of clearing the main sewer from the house this afternoon, yuk! So it only gave me an hour to do the real important job of checking the scrub over at the lake!

I need not have worried about missing anything, as it was much the same as yesterday, lots of BLACKCAPS were singing, as were the other summer migrants that have turned up so far, CHIFFCHAFF, LESSER WHITETHROAT, WHITETHROAT, and the ''purring'' TURTLE DOVES, with the CUCKOO calling from somewhere nearby, a pity the Willow Warblers don't hang around to breed on my patch, there song would have fitted in a real treat.

No time for migrant alley today, but I think i'll make up for missing most of this afternoon, by having an extended outing tomorrow. Being the last patch visit of April, I want to try to get one more new species for the month, that would give me the joint highest monthly count since I started watching my patch, which is 73 species recorded in December last year, quite something that December should hold the record!

Below is a pic. of a MOORHEN, on its small 'run off' pool.


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Up to your neck in it then eh !
Do you think your tablets would do anything for Ken ?
If it was up to him , I would have been down that sewer this afternoon .

Kelly said...

...I hope you get that one extra species tomorrow! Wishing you luck...

Chris said...

Well let's hope you will get more time tomorrow to get this record and this extra species. Today a snow owl was seen not so far from Reykjavik, let's hope it will come closer.

Ken Browne. said... yes Warren.
OK so I am in the dog house, and I made a blunder... but, you know what they say about forgetfulness being a age thing, well unlike you and Greenie it can't be that, so I guess it is the pills, or sunstroke.
Getting back to the important stuff, it's a shame you didn't find any more species for the months list, fingers crossed for tomorrow.
PS. I hope you managed to clear out the sewer ok as you don't want to do that again,coz it's a Crap Job, isn't it??

Phil and Mandy said...

Hi Warren, lovely photos from yesterday and lets hope for another month record species count.

Anonymous said...

All the best, for the last day of the month.

Ken Browne. said...

Hi again Warren.
Re your Green Woodpecker photo. Thank's for clearing that up. I had a good look at it but I couldn't see any red on the moustache stripe, that's why I thought it was female. One again, g/l for tomorrow.

ShySongbird said...

Good luck for one more before May.

Hope you've been able to remove the gas mask by now!!

Tricia said...

The things you do for excitement Warren. Good luck for today - wonder what you'll get..fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

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