Monday, 27 April 2009

Light rain this morning turned to heavy rain this afternoon, and after getting soaked walking back from work, I couldn't bring myself to go back out (what a wooos!)

I spent the afternoon watching from the front and back windows, but little was to be seen, GOLD, GREEN, and CHAFFINCH dominated the feeders, the latter brought in a youngster fresh from the nest. Just 2 BLUE TITS and 1 GREAT TIT came in, they are all eating natural food now. Only 1 HOUSE SPARROW came to feed, but the 2 DUNNOCK that are breeding in the dividing hedge were back and forth. The male BLACKBIRD brought in one of the fledglings, and the pair of STARLINGS that are nesting in my roof came to feed for a few minutes. The COLLARED DOVES continue to vacuum up the spilt sunflower hearts, whilst 3 ROBINS were all in close proximity of each other, having a ''Red Off'', before giving chase to one another!

Out on the fields at the front of the house, just ROOK, PIED WAGTAIL, HERRING GULL, JACKDAW, CARRION CROW, MAGPIE, WOODPIGEON and a superb looking YELLOWHAMMER were added to my list - not one Swallow flew past from the nearby stable block.

Taking stock of my patch year, at the end, or near end of April, revealed that although last year was the most successful year ever, with an overall 106 species seen, I had only recorded 81 by April 27th, compared to 93 so far this year. So I could get another record year! More likely is the fact that I have recorded the winter visitors at the beginning of the year in 2009, whilst in 2008 I had to wait till the end of the year.

My target is still to get 100 species for this year, which on my habitat poor patch is very respectable. I need just 7 more species, with 3 more regular Migrants to turn up - Garden warbler, Hobby, and Spotted Flycatcher. So that leaves me with 4 to find, the most likely of which would be an Autumn Whinchat. The other 3 species will have to be bonus birds for me! My coat should be dry for another venture out tomorrow afternoon!


Dean said...

I can sympathise with you there, Warren. The rain eased off enough for me to venture out, but unfortunately it didn`t ground any new migrants.

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren. I can only praise you for going out there and finding so many species in all weathers. Your total for the year is very good, considering it is a patch count. I hope you get the total your looking for, there is still time.

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
Let's hope you will get this record. I think you can do it as even unexpected migrants can come to your patch. I'll try to send you an Harlequin duck :-)
Today, I went off for all the day. It was a nice day and took it off. I saw 37 species but I did all my favorite places for that, 6 hours and many kilometres!!!

Kelly said...

...that's great. You are way ahead of the game. I hope you hit your number.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
You a wooos , I never thought I'd hear you call yourself that .
Other people yes .
More like you in the last two paragraphs .