Thursday, 30 April 2009

For 3 and half hours this afternoon I searched the woods, fields, hedgerows and ditches, I scanned the sky and all the fenceposts, and there are now hundreds of them at Migrant Alley! However I could not find the one new species to equal the best ever monthly total.

Most of the migrant birds that have arrived on my patch to breed were seen or heard today, both species of WHITETHROAT, as well as BLACKCAPS, CHIFFCHAFF and a CUCKOO, while overhead SWALLOWS were buzzing around, and a lone HOUSE MARTIN chased insects over the drilled maize field at migrant alley, alighting on it for a short time. There was a party of around a dozen LINNETS, and a couple of GOLDFINCH, also around the horse paddocks. Whilst scanning the sky both SPARROWHAWK and KESTREL were seen, but there was no sign of the Swifts I saw last Sunday, two SKYLARKS defied the machinary that were driving to and fro over the fields, they got up and hoverred in the sky to deliver their silvery twittering song.

All in all though, April has still been a good month, 72 species is the best April total so far on my patch, with 12 of those year ticks, one of which was a patch tick. The combined April total for the 8 years now stands at 97, so I think next year I could well set a new April tally again, the mean species total for April is 67.5, so I was well ahead of that.

I'm now looking forward to May, and the target is to beat the record total of 68, set last year. But it's not all about figures, thats just my way of keeping up my enthusiasm to get out everyday! All my records are sent to the BTO via birdtrack, so they will all be used by them, and it's always nice just to get and see birds anyway, common or rare!

Not mant photo opportunities this afternoon, but here's one of a Goldfinch at Migrant Alley

and one of a singing Skylark, defying the noisey machines below it.


Greenie said...

You certainly gave it your best shot , but it wasn't to be .
As you say , the main thing is to be out there .

Kelly said...

Warren...I think the photo you took of the goldfinch makes up for the disappointment of not beating the record. It is such an interesting composition...and very artistic. They really mean business with that barbed wire, don't they. I've never seen any with that many barbs! All of your meticulous record keeping no doubt will help the analysts.

Steve said...

At least you got out and had a look Warren. Good month total as well.

ShySongbird said...

I'm sure you've seen a lot more birds this month with your persistence than most of us lesser mortals Warren, well done! Also I enlarged the photo of the Goldfinch and it was lovely but how it perched on that barbed wire beats me, ouch is all I can say!

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
it took me a while to find the goldfinch!! Yeh, I know i'm probably tired.... I guess the record will be for next month or maybe next year in April. Just have to be patient. Have a nice week end.

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren
Well done on getting 72 species anyway. Sorry you didn't get that 1 species needed but hey, you gave it your best shot.Good luck for May's total.
For a patch total you do really well.

Anonymous said...

That top photo is magic. The barbed wire is wicked looking and with the perspective the barbs all appear right next to eat other. Looks almost like new wire. Excellent photo.

My Birds Blog

NW Nature Nut said...

The Goldfinch on the wire fence is a great photo!