Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A repeat of yesterday afternoons walk was had today, and the weather was repeated as well, with the temperature into the 70's . I went over to the scrub by the lake, and took a seat. I listened for 20mins and heard the spring migrant BLACKCAP, CHIFFCHAFF, WHITETHROAT, and over flying SWALLOWS, also heard were the resident BLACKBIRD, SONGTHRUSH, DUNNOCK and the finch's and Tits all chipping in, making it a pleasant april afternoon, but then it got even more pleasent, yes, the first LESSER WHITETHROAT (91) has arrived, its rattling little song will be just one more to join the spring chorus!

Once again I made my way over to Migrant Alley, the obligatory SPARROWHAWK flew over as I did so. I was glad to get to my seat, and plonked myself down, the heat of the day was proving tiring, and it wasn't very conducive to finding birds. 8 HOUSE MARTINS were high in the sky, and another or the same Sparrowhawk went over, a BUZZARD was again seen, this time up over West Peckham church, which is on the high ground to the NE of my patch. I didn't see the any of the PEREGRINES this afternoon, but I did have two good views of one this morning as I walked into work. By 16:00 the hot sun had defeated me, and I made my way back home, happy with the Lesser Whitethroat record, which was the 70 species for the month, just one more species will equal the April record, maybe the Turtle Dove will turn up tomorrow!

Below is a Photo of a PIED WAGTAIL, one of the few birds that were seen out on the harrowed field today.
Below is a Whitethroat, there were at least 4 on my patch today, this one was in a large garden on the edge of the tree nursery.

Last photo is of some of the fish that are in the lakes. These beasties are the reason I don't get much Duck activity here, they just eat everything! I counted 23 of these fish, all round the side of the bank.


Chris said...

Hi Warren,
Have you seen 91 species already??? Incredible, I maybe saw 65 in total if I count the trip to France. yesterday, I went to the beach and saw a record of 32 species!!! I really envy you, as for the weather is still really stormy!!!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Tick , tick , tick , there's no stopping you . Well done with No.91 . Still making enquiries re. your Orchids , and forgot to post those 2 shots of ?Harrier .
Will try to remember tomorrow .

Anonymous said...

Lesser Whitethroat, snap!! Warren.
Not very often i get this one before "common" Whitethroat.

fishing guy said...

Warren: Like the wagtail, I can imagine what it does when walking. The carp are in to spawn from the look of it.

Kelly said...

I would like to see a Pied Wagtail some day. His black and white color is so striking. Looks like an interesting bird to watch. Congrats on your growing list! I keep forgetting to ask "Migrant Alley" your name, or is it really called that. I love that's so descriptive and shouts out a spring/fall birding hotspot.

ShySongbird said...

I don't think I have ever seen a Whitethroat or a Lesser Whitethroat so would be happy with either.
We had a Pied Wagtail in the garden for a few days during the snow but the Blackbirds were very hostile to it and I haven't seen it since.
Lovely photos again Warren and I too have wondered about the names on your patch. We have invented ones on our walks such as Blackberry Way which speaks for itself and Button Lane where I once lost an unusual and difficult to replace coat button.