Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Day two of spring :-), another mild sunny day, two in a row! Thats the first rarity this year!

I managed to pick up FIELDFARE (39) for the months list early this morning as I crossed Migrant Alley on the way in to work, it was in a large-ish flock of REDWINGS with more Fieldfares, I counted 207 birds in all - split about 50/50. I also found another new species for the month on the way home, a GREEN WOODPECKER (40), which was in the grounds of theGreenhouse Complex.

This afternoon I made my way over to the lake again, picking up a real bonus bird for the month, a BRAMBLING (41). It was in the Small Holding with all the GREENFINCH'S and CHAFFINCH'S that gather there after visiting my garden feeders, so I would say that this is the bird that has been visiting the feeders all last month, this is the first time I have seen it outside my garden.

As I walked through the Wet Woods the 4th new species for the month was seen, the anticipated TREECREEPER (42), also noted here were 4 GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS, but I couldn't find a Siskin. As I neared the lake area, I passed the large garden with the chainsaw gang in, they were thankfully packing up for the day, but the area had still been disturbed all morning. I got to the 'ornimental' lake and was surprise to see the pair of CANADA GEESE still there, but a better surprise was that the COOT (43) was back, I think it just may of been well hidden yesterday! It nows joins the famous Coot of Dec 2006, as the longest staying one on my patch, will it be here tomorrow and take the record outright ? ( exciting stuff eh?).

A quick look around the adjacent scrub area, and the anticipated LONG TAILED TIT (44) joined the months list, as well as a COAL TIT (45), a GOLDCREST was nearby, belting out its distinctive song, but what i wanted to find was the Marsh Tit, but it wasn't about, maybe it has left my patch for it's breeding area already, last year two stayed until the 18th march, so I might yet find it.

I spent half an hour or so at Migrant Alley, trying to locate the first Skylark or Meadow Pipit for the month, but none were found. The only thing of note was a SPARROWHAWK, and the Peregrine, again on the tower, but not deciding to visit my patch yet. As I sat on my horse jump seat, three Long tailed Tits flitted through the Tall hedge behing me, giving me some great photo opportunities.

Below are a few photo's of them.

I couldn't resist this BLUE TIT photo, it was on my garden peanut feeder.

below is the Coot and Canada Geese on the ornimental pond

Lastly another photo of the peregrine on the Tower. This ones for Songbird, you might find it this time, but it's not really recogniseable!


Chris said...

Hi Warren,
The long-tailed tits pictures are beautiful mate!!! You already got 45 species in March that's my year number for the moment... Are we living on the same planet? ;-)

Forest the Bear said...

Fantastic LTT shots Warren...the new camera seems to be working well!

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Chris and Forest. The light levels and close proximity of the LTT's helped!

ShySongbird said...

My leg has a distinct feeling of being pulled now Warren!! The only thing I can think of is that there is one carved into the stone because nothing else is visible. I must try and get some photos of the fairies at the bottom of my garden ;)

We too had more sunshine! I love the LTT photos and that blue sky is wonderful.

Warren Baker said...

Heh, Heh, Heh,
Songbird, it is a real peregrine, but it's so far off, and it appears so small and blurry that unless you know exactly where it is you'll not find it. I will get a proper photo when it comes over my patch....maybe!

Mike said...

Cracking LTT shots Warren, still jealous of the green wp.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Found yer peregrine but then I'm used to looking for them on towers! Envious of your GWPKR, think you've seen more species than I've seen individual birds so far this month - keep it up - all we need is some warm southerlies mid month and you'll be flying



Phil and Mandy said...

Love the Long Tailed Tits Warren , my favourite birds they are. Keep up the good work.

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren.
Pleased the weather has improved for you. I found the Peregrine, just to the left of the centre brick column below the top level, a great spot, let's hope it come your way very soon.

SaraG said...

beautiful photo's.
You sure are seeing a bunch of birdies and capturing some awesome photo's!!
Take care

Anonymous said...

Great Long Tail shots Warren. What a difference some blue sky makes. I hope you haven`t put the mockers on it though, by commenting on it being nice for 2 days on the trot. If you have, you`ll have me to answer to ;-)

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Great shots in great weather as others have said .
Another great tower shot !