Thursday, 11 March 2010

Still no change in the weather, its still cold with an even colder wind, that just sucks the warmth out of you within a few minutes!

Not much change in the bird life around my patch either, I caught up with one of the PEREGRINES as I walked to work across Migrant Alley, but that was about the highlight for today.

I spent 90 mins around the Wet Woods and Lake area, getting progressively colder, and had to keep on the move to try and stay warm, one good thing about the cold wind, it has sucked up all the wet out of the mud, at least now I dont get muddy and cold :-). I watched a GOLDCREST feeding in the same fir tree as a COAL TIT, over in the lakeside scrub, and another two Goldcrest were seen along the footpath that leads from the woods to the lake, with a further two seen along Ashes lane as I walked home, they have survived the cold winter ok here!

The lake had just 3 CANADA GEESE, 2 MALLARD, 2 MOORHEN and the COOT on it - I wonder what I miss by not being able to visit the lake early on weekday mornings ?

I had a walk over to Migrant Alley, to have a scan of the fields and sky, I thought I might get lucky with a sighting of an early Migrant, but the only Migrants were winter ones, FIELDFARE and REDWING scattered all over the pasture and paddocks, probably around 200 birds in total. I tried to hide from the wind by pressing myself into the tall hedge for shelter, and although it helped a bit, I didn't stay long - just half an hour, and my only reward was a flyover HERRING GULL and two CARRION CROWS.

Is anyone out there finding any signs of spring ?

Above: A fed up CARRION CROW at Migrant Alley

Above: Goldcrest, this was one of a pair at Ashes lane
I had an hours ''Light'' left once home, and got a couple of photo's, but it was too dull a day really.
Below: This GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER was forced to feed from the floor, as a superior adversary was alreadyon the feeder.
Below is a WREN, it was scurring around the plant pots. I havn't got any good Wren photo's, and I still havn't :-)


Phil said...

No Warren I can't find many signs of spring as, I mention on my blog today. Also had a Peregrine today thanks to a second pair of eyes with me this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Warren, the wind is due to back westerly for tomorrow with a bit of drizzle, should be a few Meadow Pipits moving on the coast and one might head your way;-)Hang in there it should start to improve very soon.

Kelly said...

Warren...we had three gorgeous days of spring, but they have been usurped once again by Old Man Winter, so I'm back in your boat.

I really like the photo of the crow. It is very bleak and seems to capture that ending grip of winter.

Anonymous said...

Wren photos were hard for me to get too. I decided to do something about it and watched the wrens one summer for a week or two and noticed they seemed to feed at the sameplaces. In the neighbor's woodpile first and then under my bushes (boxwoood) and shrubs. I even got pictures of the spiders in their beaks. Then what I did was set about to station myself in those areas each morning about the same time. They knew I was there and would pop up on the fence to check and make sure I was still over here and they were over there. Anyway, to make a long story short, that's how I got some really nice close-ups of both House Wrens and Carolina Wrens.

ShySongbird said...

No Spring here, we were promised the grand! temperature of 9 degrees today but it didn't get anywhere near, it was cold and dull with that vicious wind again, I spent ages with the door open in the hope of photographing some garden birds but the light was awful and about the only thing I got was cold!

I think Wrens are one of the most difficult birds to get a decent photo of. The Goldcrest is a lovely picture.

You want to be careful lurking about in bushes or you will get yourself arrested :)

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren.
This weather must be getting you down. It is certainly playing havoc with the birds.
At least you are persisting. Good on you.

The Early Birder said...

No signs here Warren, well except Blue & Great Tits chasing each other! I'm going to hibernate for a while then perhaps something will happen. FAB.

Forest the Bear said...

I saw the first daff's of the year down in Wexford last weekend Warren, and the Gorse in places is well into flower....then again, it flowers when ever it chooses!!!

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
Spring is far away from here, even if it is a bit warmer, we are now getting tons of fog (if this does exist)!!! But still going out just like you and got species 46 and 47!!!

Sharon said...

Only sign of spring here is the birds pairing up! Even though we've had sun all week (must be a record for Ireland!), but it's been freezing cold!
Spring HAS to be round the next corner!

Anonymous said...

"Is anyone out there finding any signs of spring ?"

I can`t add anything to what`s all ready been said Warren.
It`s raining up here this morning. Hopefully that might have grounded a species or 2. I`m sure you`ll hear from me if at has.

Dave J. said...

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