Monday, 22 March 2010

The only Photo taken today was of this DUNNOCK.

I left a little early for work this morning, hoping for another sighting of the
Wheatear at Migrant alley, but alas, it had moved on already, all that was there were the pair of CANADA GEESE, not a very good substitute! It was notable that not a single Fieldare of Redwing was seen, they are departing northwards rapidly now.

This afternoon there was a strong, gusty wind, which made things difficult. The birds were all keeping low, and few sang. In the Small Holding there was a group of birds on the Alpaca enclosure including, GREEN WOODPECKER, MISTLE THRUSH, SONG THRUSH, a single REDWING, and a few CHAFFINCH and GREENFINCH. On to the Wet Woods and the first thing I saw was a TREECREEPER, I spent ages looking for one yesterday, and failed! Not much else was seen here, 3 male MALLARD on the pools, and a GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER calling. The lakes were pretty dull again today, not much chance of a different duck now, so I don't spend so much time here, just 10 Canada Geese and 4 male Mallard were recorded.
In the scrub area, COAL TITS were calling and chasing around, and a male GOLDCREST was displaying to a female, raising his crest to her, it was as bright as moulten gold.

A walk over to Migrant Alley for a bit of skywatching was not very productive, just 1 MEADOW PIPIT, 1 YELLOWHAMMER, 2 SKYLARK, the KESTREL around the Greenhouse Complex, and the usual Gulls and Corvids were seen.

I checked the pub field manure heap, but again it was just STOCK DOVES and WOODPIGEONS there. Once the field goes under the plough in a few weeks it could liven up a bit.


Chris said...

HI Warren,
You still managed to see quite a few species. I'm heading to the closest mountain tonight to get a view on the smoke of the eruption hoping that the weather will not be too bad!

Phil said...

Hi Warren.
No redwing or fieldfare for me either today. Like the sound of the displaying goldcrest, never seen that, struggle to see a goldcrest at all for that matter.

Monika said...

That's a beautiful shot of the dunnock! I love the background, and how it's lighter right behind the bird.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the visit. I am glad you got to see the Brown Thrashers. I found some Red-winged Blackbirds and put them up for tomorrow.

I really like your bird photographs.

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Nice Dunnock Warren - struggling to get a pic of one anywhere near that good - and displaying Goldcrests!!! Extinct seemingly where I get to this winter.



This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: That Dunnock looks to be sparrow size, neat little bird.

Kelly said...

Beautiful photo of the Dunnock. I really like the composition.

Anonymous said...

While the rest of the country is being bathed in migrants Warren, both our patch`s are still too quiet.