Friday, 19 March 2010

Once again I got the worst of the weather today, low cloud rolled in and drizzle started as soon as I left work, but it's in these conditions that any flyover migrants that may be around tend to come down lower, so with that in mind I braved the wetting drizzle and went straight over to my seat at Migrant Alley.

I sat and scanned the paddocks, and fields for Wheatear, but none were seen today, some years they appear here in numbers, others I struggle to find a single one. I scanned the sky for Sand Martins, or maybe a wader flying through, but again I drew a blank. In fact after ninety minutes, the only things that did fly over were Gulls, LESSER BLACK BACKED, HERRING and BLACK HEADED.

I'd had enough of watching the sky, and decided to warm up by doing a circuit of the paddocks, then going over to the now growing pile of manure in the 'pub' field ( greenie, as you've been offline, you may like to refer to an earlier post to find out what the 'pub' field is :-) ) seen in the paddocks and sheep pasture were; Two CANADA GEESE, two PIED WAGTAILS, 13 REDWING, 22 STARLINGS, 18 JACKDAWS, 34 ROOKS, 4 CARRION CROWS and a good sprinkling of WOODPIGEONS.

I made my to the Pub Field and had a walk round the manure pile, hoping for a Wheatear, or maybe even a Black Redstart, but all there was today were 7 STOCK DOVES. After that I became a little dispondent, and a lot wetter, as it had started rain proper, so I trudged off home, but at least tomorrows saturday and i'll have all morning to scan for migrants - in the rain!


Phil said...

Don't despair Warren, it'll all happen this weekend I think, despite the rain. Lots of singing Chiffys at New Hythe this morning.

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren.
Sounds as if the Pub Field is a crap place( excuse the pun).But then the weather was against you again, wasn't it?
As you say, tomorrow is another day, so good luck with it.
Have a good weekend.

Stewart said...

Oohh Chiffy eh, I hope I get one this weekend or something from foreign climes anyway...

ShySongbird said...

Miserable weather here too Warren, have a good wet walk tomorrow :) I'll be back as soon as poss!

Dean said...

"and i'll have all morning to scan for migrants - in the rain!"

Me too Warren. Good luck mate.