Thursday, 21 October 2010

Above is yesterdays Bumble bee on the garden Scabious, there were also lots on the daises too.

Back to today, and everything is very much staying the same on my patch, migration has come to a halt, and is for the most part over now. My hope for an addition to the month or year list will lie on seeing a duck species on the lake, or something nice flying over.

So it was off to the lake again this afternoon to try my luck, but alas, it was MALLARDS and MOORHENS again, with a GREY HERON thrown in today. Around the bankside vegetation a couple of NUTHATCH collected and ate seeds, and a GOLDCREST was calling, but I didn't locate a feeding flock today. A nearby garden had a KESTREL fly down and sit amongst the Marigolds, a strange site :-)

It then flew up and did some proper hunting.

I checked the Tree Nursery, but it was all SONGTHRUSH'S and BLACKBIRDS there again, however the Maize stubbles in the adjacent Pub Field had a tractor harrowing the field, so a quick scan of that was had. 15 BLACK HEADED Gulls were feeding on the disturbed soil, as well as a few PIED WAGTAILS and about 30 STARLINGS, but no sign of that Mediterranean Gull for the year List :-)
I'm needing to get out for a morning full patch visit if i'm going to have a chance of finding anything new - roll on saturday :-)

Above is one of the Nuthatch seen by the lake
Below is the Grey Heron seen on it
The day wouldn't be the same without the SPARROWHAWK :-)


Derek Faulkner said...


Saturday's looking pretty wet and windy at the moment, so don't get your hopes too high, although it might improve your duck count. But don't disturb the cormorants.

ShySongbird said...

That Kestrel should have been ashamed of itself, it looked very silly sat among the flowers :)

Phil said...

Derek's right Warren, saturday is looking grim. At least you got some pics today, more than I did.

Bob Bushell said...

A nice selection of birds Warren, shame about Saturdays weather.

Ken. said...

Hi Warren.
Like the photo of the Kestrel, your right, it's unusual,but good.
Shame it wasn't a good day but even Song Thrush's are worth finding, there a nice bird,but not common.
Keep your chin up, anything can happen at this time of year.

Anonymous said...

I know all too well, what it`s like for seeing nothing different.
Have a good weekend Warren.

Jellen said...

This seems to be the time of year that birds do odd things, like your kestrel's visit :o) Nice shots/post Warren.