Friday, 15 October 2010

Walking home from work this afternoon across Migrant Alley, it was much the same as yesterday, a few LINNETS were mixed in with a flock of 14 GOLDFINCH, whilst the ROOKS and STARLINGS shared the horse paddocks with them.

My afternoon walk took me through the Tree Nursery, I scoured the Shrubs and young trees and came up with 14 SONGTHRUSH, two GOLDCREST, 4 ROBINS, two CHAFFINCH, two GREEN WOODPECKERS, 5 female PHEASANT and a DUNNOCK. Overhead an untidy flock of 22 SISKINS flew towards the Wet Woods, and a while Later 4 FIELDFARE flew west, making their Chak-ak-ak call, an Autumnal sound if ever there was one. I also watched two female SPARROWHAWKS having a dispute over the Wet Woods.

The urge to visit the Lake came on, as it always does, and I walked across Marchants field and through the edge of the Wet Woods to get there, dreaming of a Tufted Duck or a Grebe, of course, they remained a dream, but i did at least see a GREY HERON with the resident MOORHEN and MALLARDS :-)

On the way back through the woods I watched a pair of both NUTHATCH and TREECREEPER in the same Sweet Chestnut tree, I got some close views, but it was far too dark to photograph them.

The only summer birds seen today were 8 SWALLOWS that flew over my garden at about 16:10hrs, these are the second latest seen on my patch, the latest being in 2002 when they hung around until the 18th, that was the year I began watching my patch. :-)

The weather was so dull today, photography was limited to these Pheasants in the Tree Nursery.


Derek Faulkner said...

What can I say, you looked so well last night - man flu indeed, I'm sure you make it up to get SongBird's sympathy.

Warren Baker said...

''You looked so well last night''

Derek, you should see me without man Flu! :-)

Don't listen to him Songbird! :-)

Bob Bushell said...

Nice female Pheasant, although it is bad weather.

ShySongbird said...

Now, now boys! No fighting, play nicely :)

It has been horribly dull here today too :(

I'll swap you some tufties and even a GC Grebe for some of those Linnets :)

Phil said...

I suppose we'd better get used to these dark days now Warren.
Good to meet up with you yesterday by the way.

Anonymous said...

Dreaming of Tufties & GCG`s.
I`m having nightmares about them, that`s all i`m seeing on my lake.