Thursday, 14 October 2010

Almost feeling better today, so it was back to work :-( . It's still too dark to see anything on the walk in, and on the walk home just 4 SKYLARK and a mixed flock of GOLDFINCH'S and LINNETS were seen on the sheep pasture and Paddocks at Migrant Alley.

I only had an hour out this afternoon, as I was still a bit lethargic after my man flu, I walked over to the Lakes, not seeing anything at all in the Wet Woods and Small Holding that I passed through on the way, apart from a flyover CORMORANT.

The lakes had returned to their hum-drum normality after yesterdays exciting find, the Red Crested Pochard had moved on, and the MOORHEN and MALLARD had the place to themselves again, apart from a guest GREY HERON.

The bankside trees and vegetation had a few birds calling, the MARSH TIT being one, as well as two COAL TITS and a GOLDCREST. I didn't stay very long before moving on to the Tree Nursery, disturbing a SPARROWHAWK from a large Oak on the way. The Tree Nursery still has the flock of STARLINGS feeding there, the Laurel Berries are still in good supply and about 100 flighty birds were wheeling in and out of the bushes. Whilst I walked through I flushed up at least 9 SONGTHRUSH, which came out from cover at 100mph, and settled back down at the far end of the field. Overhead, the KESTREL was seen, and two BLACK HEADED GULLS flew south, more of a surprise was a single HOUSE MARTIN, then a few minutes later 2 SWALLOWS that were also observed heading south, both species being quite late sightings for my patch, their mean last seen date is the 8th Oct for Swallow and 7th for House Martin. One other summer species was recorded, the CHIFFCHAFF which was heard calling from the Greenhouse Complex I passed on the way home.

Photo's Today: Female BLACKBIRD

The Flock of about 100 Starlings over the Tree Nursery

Last: A shot across the tops of the Tree Nusery laurel Shrubs, looking SE


Derek Faulkner said...

"still a bit lethargic after my man flu" - you know how to wring out that last bit of sympathy, don't you.
See you tonight, will you need any lucozade.

ShySongbird said...

Glad you are still improving and won't need a stretcher to get you to your meeting tonight :)

Lovely photos of the Blackbird!

Bob Bushell said...

Warren, your an amazing person, right after "man flu" he trots off to do some work. Miss Blackbird is a royal beauty.

Anonymous said...

"The lakes had returned to their hum-drum normality"

That`s about par for my lake of late, Warren.

Jann E. said...

I hope your man flu is much better today, sorry you were under the weather...nice shots today of the fem blackbird. Congrats on the pochard discovery, very exciting!