Wednesday, 16 February 2011

All change with the weather again ! There were some short lived sunny spells this afternoon amongst the mostly cloudy skies, but that's a vast improvment than of late!

The better weather encouraged a few birds to sing again, CHAFFINCH'S were heard tuning up as I passed through the Small Holding, they are not quite giving it all just yet, the MISTLE THRUSH was back on form though, and it's song resounded loudly through the trees in the Wet Woods, along with the 'wee wee wee'' call of a NUTHATCH. Five pairs of MALLARDS were on the wooded pools, they will be nesting very soon now.

A slight change was had on the lakes today, where 14 CANADA GEESE were on the main lake, 2 were on the ornamental lake and another two were on the smallest lake along with 4 Mallard, not one Moorhen was seen though, nor was the hoped for Grey Heron or Kingfisher, both would be additions to the months list.

The scrubby woods were quiter than they have been for a while, no Long Tailed Tits were seen, but 3 GOLDCRESTS, 2 TREECREEPERS and a singing COAL TIT were all in close proximity to one another, there were at least 7 SONGTHRUSH'S seen, a real increase over recent weeks, lets hope they stay around to breed.

I walked over to Migrant Alley, via the Pub Field, where two KESTRELS flew over the maize stubbles, and around 30-40 FIELDFARE were on the farside of the field, making counting difficult. I arrived at Migrant Alley at 15:20hrs, and sat watching the sky for 40 mins, but not a single bird flew over, not one!! I could see ROOKS, JACKDAWS and WOODPIGEONS in the sheep pasture, also one of the Peregrines on the tower, but to have absolutely nothing flyover must be a first for me :-)

Above is one of the Canada Geese that was on the smallest of the lakes, below is a photo of the Wet Woods, with the Bluebell leaves giving a green carpet to the woodland floor


ShySongbird said...

That wasn't the sort of 'first' you want to record Warren, forty minutes with nothing whatsoever is a bit much!

Those Bluebells will be a picture eventually, in fact one we will see here I suspect ;)

Warren Baker said...

Hi Songird,
yes, your right! I was a bit peeved, I at least could of had a Gull flyover :-)

A photo of the Bluebells will indeed be forth coming ;-)

Marc Heath said...

This weather is a bit mad at the moment, good sunshine for most of the day in East Kent today. The migrants no doubt are on there way as i write.

Derek Faulkner said...

A beautiful sunny day on Sheppey today and a beautiful evening right until dark as we carried out the Harrier Roost count on the marshes.
Only had a male Hen Harrier tho and 2 S.E. Owls

Phil said...

Are you sure you didn't fall asleep for 40 minutes Warren? :-)
It was indeed a pleasure to be out today. Nice Goose pic.

Pete Woodruff said...

Nice Canada Goose and reflection pic Warren.

The weather in our neck of the wood bore signs of spring today especially in the afternoon when it was calm with just a hint of warmth in the air.

Paul said...

Hi Warren, I was up my Church patch at approx. 4.00pm today, and what should fly over me and head straight to Hadlow??? about 25 Canada Geese that's what!!!
I was in Hadlow earlier, and saw 3 Bullfinch in the same tree together(2 males, 1 female)I took some photos with my phone, but I doubt they will be that clear.

Monika said...

Nice Canada goose reflection there Warren. Just think, it won't be long until those bluebells are blooming again!

Anonymous said...

At least another 4 days of not so good weather to come up here Warren. God, i hate the dark conditions.

Chris said...

looks like the winter is very strange everywhere. You are running after many species, I'm just enjoying the waxwing in my garden now and try to get this male blackcap that is around, but did not succeed so far!!