Thursday, 17 February 2011

Another ''not too bad'' day weatherwise today. This afternoon a few sunny spells were had, but it was mostly cloudy and cool.

Of the 2 hours spent on my patch this afternoon, 90% of it was over at the lakes and scrubby wood area. All the regular resident species were seen, many of them were associating with a small band of LONG TAILED TITS, six to eight were feeding in the dense bramble and young trees, 2 TREECREEPERS, 2 COAL TITS, 4 GOLDCREST, 2 NUTHATCH and a GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER were all in close proximity to them. At least 4 BULLFINCH were also in the wood, as well a few of yesterdays SONGTHRUSHES.

On the water the 3 lakes had a pair of CANADA GEESE on each, they will probably attempt to breed on their respective lakes in a few weeks, 2 pairs of of MALLARD were on the main lake, and 1 pair of MOORHEN were on the ornamental lake. A few SISKINS were in some pine trees that grow around the lake, as were 2 more Goldcrests, and while trying to find a Firecrest in the pine tree, 4 MISTLE THRUSHES noisily dropped into it, had a bit of a scrap, then left just as noisily!

I chased around the scrub for ages trying to get a photo, but the birds in the flock seemed very wary and unapproachable today, maybe because the breeding season is nearing ? I failed to get any photo's in the end, despite having some really good views.

Just a brief visit was had to the Pub Field and Tree Nursery as I walked home, the Pub Field had at least 110 FIELDFARE scattered over the maize stubbles, they were thinly spread over the field, and took a bit of counting, but I suspect many went unseen. Crossing into the Tree Nursery another pair of Goldcrest were found, as was a pair of Long Tailed Tits, these having paired up now and left the larger flocks.

That was about it for today! Nothing new for the month or year list, which has stalled on 56 and 69 respectively. Looking back at this time in 2009, and 2010, the year list wasn't all that much different to this years, 2009 had a year total of 71 by this time, and the month ended on 73, while 2010 had a year total of 67 at this time, and ended the month on 69, so i'm behind 2009 and ahead of 2010, the year which turned out to have the highest species count ever, so i'm not doing as badly as I had feared :-)

Tomorrow looks like a complete washout, and it may be a case of just watching the garden feeders and chasing the sparrowhawk around ! She was in again today when I got home, hardly any food has been eaten from the feeders, but that saves me a few quid at least!


Marc Heath said...

The weather looks rubbish for the next few days but we should know that..... its the weekend!

ShySongbird said...

The weather there today sounds about the same as here. I too saw lots of LTTs while out for an hour or so this afternoon but the light wasn't good enough and they moved too fast for photos. I was looking in a likely place for Goldcrests but no luck at all.

Bird food costs me a fortune and they wolf even more of it down in the breeding season!

Warren Baker said...

Marc, I dont like the look of that wind and rain combination for tomorrow :-(

Songbird, I find it best to 'listen' for Goldcrests, then track them down :-)

Do you want to borrow my Sprawk ??

Phil said...

Still 11 days of February left Warren, so it ain't over yet! When the weather gets you down shut your eyes and think of.....summer migrants!!!

ShySongbird said...

No thanks :)

Warren Baker said...


At this time of year, when the tank's low on enthusiasm, I look back at past records. Today I saw that SWALLOW, WHEATEAR, CHIFFCHAFF and WILLOW WARBLER were all seen last March, that cheers me no end :-)

Warren Baker said...

I'll throw in a Goldcrest :-)

ShySongbird said...

That's no good the Sprawk would eat the Goldcrest :)

Ken. said...

Hi Warren.
There is always a chance that they are going to get the weather forecast wrong for the weekend, lets hope so.
No matter what the weather I know you will give it your best shot.

Paul said...

Hi Warren, I was once again in Hadlow today, and I saw 2 buzzards soaring over Carpenters lane at 12.30pm. About an hour later I had a very good view of a Crow mobbing another Buzzard in the same area.