Saturday, 5 February 2011

Unfortunately, after a night of sleepless, fits of sneezing, I didn't quite feel up to a full patch walk this morning, in fact I felt pretty rubbish!

Around 10 o'clock, I'd had enough of prowling around the house like a caged animal, so dosed up with cold remedies, I took a walk over to the lake, just to see if anything new had arrived, it hadn't! Just 4 CANADA GEESE, 3 pairs of MALLARD and two MOORHEN were seen, and I beat a hasty retreat back home, feeling worse than when I left :-)

The day was almost a total loss, but as often the case there is always something to make the day, today it was seeing a cock PHEASANT arrive at the garden feeders, only the second one ever, the first one being seen back in December 2002!

One other bird of note was a LESSER BLACKED BACK GULL (51) flying over the house, one more for the months list :-)

Above and Below: The cock Pheasant in the garden


Marc Heath said...

I wouldn't mind the Canada Geese at Reculver, a scarce bird there. Another dull day and heavy winds, only a few weeks to the first Swallows i suspect.

Pete Woodruff said...

Sorry to hear you're not 100% up to it yet Warren....keep taking the medicine.

Warren Baker said...

More of the same weather tomorrow Marc. It sure will be a spring to appreciate this year :-)

Thanks mate, I will ;-)

Chris said...

Well I hope you will get better soon too... I'm starting to visit again and got a pretty 45 minutes of encounter with snow bunting today, just two minutes away from home... Got 250 shots mate!!! Incredible.... I see you already have 51 species spotted, quite an incredible number... I just over 20 now but nothing has started over here yet ;-)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

I see gulls come up trumps again Warren!
Hope you're feeling well enough for a FPW tomorrow.



Ken. said...

Hi Warren.
I hope you feel better really soon, and you will be back out on your patch clockingup the numbers.
At least the weather isn't up to much.
I was going to end by saying have a good weekend, but instead I will just say Keep taking the medicine Warren.

Simon said...

Some nice new birds found so far this month, well done! :-)

Kelly said...

Cool! I would love to see a Pheasant in my backyard. I've only seen one, and it was in Michigan. Stay on the mend, Warren!

Anonymous said...

If there`s no improvement in the weather Warren, the best thing you can do is stay indoors. Get well soon mate.

ShySongbird said...

I hope you decided to stay in the warm and get yourself properly better today Warren. We still have atrocious winds here!

So odd to see a Pheasant in the garden :)

Jann E. said...

Nice shots of the pheasant Warren, they certainly never visit our garden, ha! I hope you're feeling better really soon. Take care.