Friday, 27 May 2011

Both HOBBY and KESTREL were up hunting early this morning as I walked to work, also noted were a pair of SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS in the College Grounds.

This afternoon, in cloudy, but more settled conditions, I saw this SPARROWHAWK glide over the Tree Nursery whilst en route to the Scrubby Woods and lake area.
Over at the Scrubby Woods, it was much quieter, without the sunshine the Butterflies and Damselflies were totally absent. The resident BLACKCAPS were in fine voice though, at least 4 males were singing, and a minimum of 2 TURTLE DOVES plus just one CHIFFCHAFF also sang, the CUCKOO did likewise a little later.

On the water today there were 10 CANADA GEESE and four gosling Canada's, 2 MOORHEN, with a ''Moorchick'', 6 MALLARD and one COOT, but best of all was watching my first KINGFISHER (71) since February, a welcome addition to the May list, this May is now just one behind the record may total :-).

Happy with that, I made my way home across the Tree Nursery, via the Wet Woods, where a TREECREEPER was seen, I was hoping it was collecting food for fledglings, but it didn't seem to be, I know they breed here somewhere though ! Out in the open of the Sheep pasture next to the Tree Nursery, I saw at least 3 HOUSE MARTINS, 6 SWIFTS and 4 SWALLOWS all feeding, whilst in the nursery, GREEN WOODPECKER, PIED WAGTAIL, LINNET and WHITETHROAT were seen.

As of today i'm off until next Thursday, so i've got a chance of finding those two more species needed to achieve the record May total, it wont be easy though :-)

These photo's were taken from the garden later this afternoon, the BULLFINCH was back, but I had to take the shot through the double glazing!

I haven't photographed a BLUE TIT for ages so here's one :-) Not looking their best at this time of year after all the effort of feeding a nestful of young!

Lastly, I was surprised to see the Fox come in, it loves picking up the dropped sunflower hearts, saves me sweeping them up :-)


Anonymous said...

Send that Kingfisher up here, Warren. I`ve not seen one yet, this year.

Good luck on finding those extra 2 species for yet another record breaking month.

Warren Baker said...

Just seen the weekends weather Dean........MISERABLE!!

Sharon said...

Fantastic that you saw the Kingfisher Warren, love the photo of the Sprawk.
Only another 2 to go, you can do it... whatever the weather :)

Warren Baker said...

Cheers Sharon,

Thats what I like, positivity!!!

Marc Heath said...

The weather does not look good this weekend but I have found some of my best birds in strong winds and rain, just go out in a positive mind.

ShySongbird said...

Well done on the Kingfisher Warren, I think they are extinct in my area ;)

Great photos again.

Good luck with the extra 2!