Saturday, 21 May 2011

It was good to get out for a full patch visit early this morning, my 50th of the year so far, the fine weather continued and before I had even left home a new species had been added to the 'successfully confirmed breeding' list when a Juv. GOLDFINCH was seen being fed at my garden feeders.

A total of 49 species were recorded in the 5 hour visit, which is around average for May, although Coal Tit, Coot and Kestrel weren't seen today, I suspect a little longer around the lakes and scrubby woods would have turned them up.

One new species for the month was found though, when two LITTLE OWLS (68) were heard calling from the small copse behind the Greenhouse Complex, taking this Mays species total to just 4 behind the record May tally achieved in 2009, a total that could be almost be reached if the Yellowhammer, Garden warbler and Peregrine would show up, the former two have been recorded in every May so far, and the Peregrine in every month since 2009.

Other notables from this morning, were finding a SPOTTED FLYCATCHER in one of the large gardens along Ashes Lane, I couldn't locate the one in the College Grounds this morning though. The NUTHATCH and TREECREEPER put in an appearance after a time of absence, both were heard in the Wet Woods, also a family of CHIFFCHAFFS were seen and photographed from a dense hawthorn tree in the Scrubby Woods, another species confirmed successfully breeding :-)

On the water today there were 25 CANADA GEESE, one of which looked to be a hybrid Canada/Greylag Goose, with them were a creche of 9 goslings, also 3 MALLARD with 3 ducklings, 4 MOORHEN and a GREY HERON.

A quick sky watch from the Tree Nursery for late morning raptors was a partial success, with both COMMON BUZZARD and SPARROWHAWK being recorded.

I took a few photo's whilst out. This Chiffchaff above, was at the college Grounds

Whilst these fledgling Chiffchaffs can only have fledged this morning

Nearby were a family of LONG TAILED TITS

This GOLDCREST had a beak full of insects for its awaiting nestlings

The last two photo's are from my garden this afternoon, a GREENFINCH, which there seems to be half a dozen permanently attached to the feeder

lastly a BLACKBIRD, which was attending two of it's young.


Marc Heath said...

Nice one with the Little Owls and some nice shots as well to go with the day. Nice to see the Goldcrest which down here are pretty quiet at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for those 4 extra species, Warren.
As it happens, i`m ahead of my May total for last year.

ShySongbird said...

It seems like you had a very pleasant day Warren. You certainly took some lovely photos, I love the little fledgling Chiffchaffs :)

Well done with the Little Owls.

I wonder if the person who owns the garden realises how lucky they are to have a Spotty Fly or even if they know it visits!

Warren Baker said...

I fear for the Spotfly's in that garden, it has some good nesting places for them, but the owners are keen gardeners, if you know what I mean :-)

ShySongbird said...

Oh dear! Mad barbers you mean :(

Sharon said...

Love the fledgling Chiffchaffs Warren. List for May seems to be coming along nicely :)

Jason K said...

Nice shots of the young Chiffys Warren.

As for picking up the Spotted Fly...well Im a bit envious...not had one on the patch as yet this year

Pete Woodruff said...

Good to see the recently fledged Chiffchaff Warren....Someone best have word in the gardeners ear'ole don't you reckon!

Unknown said...

Smashing ChiffChaff images.