Wednesday, 25 May 2011

On the way to work this morning I added LINNET to the list of 'confirmed breeding species' to my patch, two recently fledged young were seen being fed in the Greenhouse Complex grounds.

Back home, at lunch time, I saw the male BULLFINCH at the feeders again, and he had brought his mate in with him ( below)
After the garden excitement, I had my usual walk over to the lake and Scrubby Woods area, I looked at the lakes first, and found 7 MALLARDS, 2 MOORHEN, one COOT, and 8 CANADA GEESE with 4 GOSLINGS, I also sat and watched a heron for a few minutes, it fished very successfully, bringing out fish after fish. It was a bit distant, and in some very harsh light, but I took these photo's of it below. You can see a fish it caught if you click on the photo and enlarge it :-)

In the Scrubby Woods I checked up on the COLLARED DOVE nest, the chick had moved from the nest and onto a nearby branch, I reckon I can add this to the confirmed breeding list now, the 25th species this year.

Also in the woods a pair of CUCKOO'S were seen, the female was being scolded by DUNNOCKS, a hopeful sign that she has layed an egg. TURTLE DOVES, CHIFFCHAFF and BLACKCAPS were the other summer species noted, and overhead a KESTREL was seen, the first one for 5 days now.

Few butterflies were seen here today, just the 3 White species and the Speckled wood, also fewer Damsels were about, but the one below was new for the year, a Blue Tailed Damselfly.

A stop off at the Tree Nursery was made on the way home, where the COMMON WHITETHROAT was still singing, and a few more Butterfly species were seen, this Meadow Brown was the first one of the spring, and the 16th butterfly species for this year

Brown Argus was also recorded, as was this Common Blue below

Lastly another Speckled Wood



ShySongbird said...

Sorry you are still having problems Warren, I don't think you are the only one, Jason (Shenstone Birder) seems to be another. No problems on the sidebar tonight though, you are showing up where you should now :)

You are lucky to get Bullfinches regularly in your garden!

I see the young Collared Dove hasn't got much prettier since yesterday ;)

Great photos again!

Warren Baker said...

Hi songbird,
Ive spent an hour trying to sort it out!

Even my blog home page says sign in, when I have already - Arrrrrgh!!!

ShySongbird said...

I have just checked on Blogger 'known issues' it is definitely there problem, this is what they say:

'We're investigating an issue which is preventing login and comment posting for some users, and hope to have a fix released shortly.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime. — latest update on Tuesday, May 24, 2011'

Greenie said...

Warren ,
My turn for snap with the Meadow Browns . About time , I've been expecting them for a couple of weeks now .
Another cracking Bullfinch shot .
I still can't publish from the original and have to save it , then publish it from the edit page . I also cannot edit a draft once saved .

Jason K said...

Nice one on getting your first Meadow Brown of the Spring Warren. They've not emerged yet.

As Shy has said...I'm having the same problem. I can only post comments on your blog as it doesnt require a log-in. Lets hope they sort it out soon!!!

Anonymous said...

I`m having the same problems regards the blog when using my ISP, but everything`s fine when i use Firefox.

Warren Baker said...

Sounds like were all having probs :-) At least it not something ive done !! :-)

Marc Heath said...

A good early Meadow Brown record. Looks like a bumper year so far for the butterflies. Nice Bullfinch shots, you don't know how luck you are to have them in your garden.

Enda Flynn said...

some great shots on your blog