Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Another grey and windy day, but this morning the rain held off as I walked into work, which was a particularly noteworthy one. As usual, I kept a sharp lookout for passage birds at Migrant Alley, and was pleased to see a WHEATEAR sitting up on the fence rail, as I drew near, it dropped down into one of the paddocks, and when I scanned the paddock to find it again I saw another 4 Wheatear! Five Wheatears together on my patch is a peak count, the best for the ten years yet!!

I left work this afternoon, eager to see if the Wheatear were still around, and got to Migrant Alley to find all five feeding where I left them 5 hours before  :-)  I watched them for a few minutes, then headed off home for a quick snack, later returning with my camera.

Passing the Greenhouse complex, to get to Migrant Alley again, I saw two SAND MARTINS fly over, a good September sighting, but better was the 4 MEADOW PIPITS (55) that were right behind them, I watched them wheel around the sky and drop down into the sheep pasture, good to have them back for the Autumn and winter :-)

As I approached the paddock with the Wheatears in, I scanned the fenceline to the right of me and was well chuffed to see two more WHINCHAT, they were dropping down into the sheep pasture, catching an insect, then flying back up to the fence. I tried to get some photo's, but they didn't allow any sort of approach, and below is the best I could do  :-)


I left the two Whinchat to feed, and tried my luck with the Wheatear, these birds are usually much more approachable, but today, they were avidly feeding right out in the middle of the paddock, so again the photo was distant, and the light was poor anyway.


After getting some not very good photo's, I had a good look around for anymore passage birds, but no more were forthcoming, I did see a couple of GREEN WOODPECKERS come down and join the Wheatears in the paddocks, and a GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER flew low over. Nearby in a patch of thistles, 22 GOLDFINCH were feeding, and 4 LINNET were on the pathway.

After having had my fill of the passage birds, I went through the Tree Nursery, to try and locate two species of bird I haven't yet added to the months list, Mistle Thrush and Pheasant, but not only were they not present, very little else was either. I tried my luck over at the Lakes and Scrubby Woods, but upon reaching the area, it started to rain heavily, so I was limited to viewing the immediate surroundings from the cover of one of the old outbuildings. I can see over the main lake from there, but only a GREY HERON was seen, along with a couple of MOORHEN and about a dozen MALLARD. Once the rain eased I took my chance to get off home, once again a visit cut short. I took this photo below, of a Green Woodpecker, from my shelter, in some pretty dire lighting, but I like the way it turned out  :-)
Green Woodpecker


Anonymous said...

Passage birds.....what are they, Warren ;-)

Warren Baker said...

They'll be coming your way soon Dean :-)

I wish I could get the hang of this new blogger system ive change to, sorry for all the weird page settings everyone!!!

Jason K said...

Still looking for my first Meadow Pipits of the Autumn Warren.

P.s. I see your still hanging on to those Whinchats...I may have to keep my Black Redstart a bit longer in that case ;-)

Warren Baker said...

Dean's at the top of the list for the Whinchats when ive done with them :-)

Anonymous said...

Really, Warren. What after all the shit i gave you, via text ;-)

Warren Baker said...

I like a bit of banter via the texts :-) all good fun :-)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

What is it with you and whinchats this year Warren - can be next on the list after Dean please :)



Greenie said...

Warren ,
Know what you mean re. the new Blogger .
It's going to take some getting used to .

Warren Baker said...


Dont worry mate, ive enough here to go round :-)

Bob Bushell said...

I love the last one of the Greenie.

Chris said...

beuuuuuhhhhhh, so you are already getting our meadow pipits ;-) Thye have been gathering for the last two weeks and I did not see any this week! Gone gone!!

squirrell said...

What a beautiful woodpecker photo!

Alan Pavey said...

Those Wheatears and Whinchats just keep on coming, they are great to see on passage, I always think if they migrating through then so could something else be :-) Great pics again Warren.