Saturday, 3 September 2011

Below is what greeted me on the first full patch walk of the month - fog!  The worst of all the elements to find birds in, but I gave it go anyway  :-)

Foggy Migrant Alley
Just 90 mins later I gave up, having recorded very few birds of just 22 species, but one of those species was a good addition to the September list - a TAWNY OWL (46)

It was 9:45 before the fog had cleared, so I finished off the patch walk, but by now the best part of the day had gone, so not a great deal of excitement was had, I did get round to the lakes and Scrubby Wood though, and found the remaining regular species, like BLACKCAP (47), and GREAT SPOTED WOODPECKER (48) to add to the months list.

Lomg Tailed Tit

 I returned to Migrant Alley at around 11:30, but there were no passage birds today, a SKYLARK (49) flew up from the sheep pasture, and during an hours skywatching, LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL (50) and HOUSE MARTIN (51) were also added to the months list. After yesterdays excitement, today was a bit of a hum - drum affair, but that's the way it goes sometimes   :-)

When I got home I found this Southern Hawker in my garden -very nice!

Southern Hawker

Last of all, a challenge! I photographed this bird in an apple tree in the scrubby woods, does anyone want to have a go at IDing it?  A clue is, it's a immature bird, and nothing especially rare. Click on photo to enlarge it  :-)
Mystery bird  ?


Bob Bushell said...

Great blog, brilliant birds but, I can't help you there on the last one.

Marc Heath said...

Looks like a Chaffinch? Nice shots of the Hawker though.

Warren Baker said...

Not a Chaffinch :-) although not a million miles out ;-)

Kieron said...

Hi Warren,
I will go for Greenfinch.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
I drove through that fog on my way hedgelaying , but it soon cleared .
I take it that the Lomg Tailed Tit is a Pittswood speciality !
I'm going for a juv. Bullfinch on the mystery bird .

Jason K said...

A good number of new species for the month there Warren!

I had a great patch day yesterday...I found the patch's second only Black coming soon

Warren Baker said...

Well Kieron,
It wasn't a Greenfinch either, it was in fact. as Greenie correctly said a BULLFINCH :-)