Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I felt slightly brighter today, I wish the same could be said of the weather, as it remained dull and cloudy all day!

I didn't do too much though, and just spent an hour out watching over the fields and paddocks of Migrant Alley, viewing from my seat. It was quite active out there, with at least 30 MEADOW PIPITS, a dozen SKYLARKS plus small flocks of LINNETS and GOLDFINCH'S. 3 YELLOW WAGTAILS called loudly as they flew across the sky, whilst a bit later a further 8 flew up from the sheep pasture in tight formation, they were flushed up by a big female SPARROWHAWK, which I watched fly low and slow around the fields, putting up all the Larks and Pipits, as well as around 100 STARLINGS. It was eventually chased off by the local ROOKS.

A KESTREL was also up hunting, I could see it from where I sat, hovering over the Tree Nursery, the Tall Hedge behind my seat had two CHIFFCHAFF, but there was no sign of any other summer species. The HOUSE MARTINS and SWALLOWS continued there passage south, and many hundreds were seen passing through.

 That was about the extent of my birding today, apart from a bit of garden watching this afternoon, but this was again disrupted by a Sparrowhawk - male this time!

I did get a few photo's in the less gloomier part of the afternoon, but it was still to dull for photography really.  Hopefully i'll be rid of this cold virus tomorrow and back to my normal self  :-)

Blue Tit



Ken. said...

Hi Warren.
Sorry to hear that you are under the weather, hope you make a quick recovery. At least you managed to get out for a little while.
Nice photo's I especially like the Nuthatch.

Chris said...

HI Warren,
First I hope you will do better soon, and second, I do not really any dull light on your daily pictures, they are great man... We are starting to get these winter storm now, but as you saw it's bringing quite few rare species ;-)

Rohrerbot said...

What Chris said! Your pics are really wonderful. And you've included another shot of that wonderful bird! You've got so many colorful birds with blues and yellows. In Tucson, we have colorful birds that are mostly found in the canyon or riparian areas. However brown rules my bird feeders with some yellow splashed into the mix. Hope you'll be rid of the flu soon.

Anonymous said...

The weather`s forecast to be much brighter for the rest of the week. Maybe a bit of sunshine will make a bit of difference.

midlands birder said...

Love the Nuthatch :)

Alan Pavey said...

I think the Blue Tit wins today Warren :-)

FotoKevin said...

I love birds...
And your bird photos are really great!
Greetings Kevin