Monday, 5 September 2011

Seven CORMORANTS (54) flew over Ashes lane as I walked to work this morning, quite a good number for my patch, it's always good to get them on the months list as they can be easy to miss, as big as they are!  :-) Little else was of note, Migrant Alley was devoid of passage birds, despite a good scanning of the posts, fencelines and paddocks.

Walking back from work, through Migrant Alley, I again stopped off and gave the paddocks a good scan, and this time no fewer than 4 WHEATEARS were found, were they the 3 from yesterday joined by another ? If so where were the 3 this morning ? They must be late risers :-)

I was back out to scan Migrant Alley straight after having some lunch, I refound the Wheatears but only one of them was close enough to photograph. 


 Moving on round the fields, I spotted another small bird on a different fenceline, blimey! Yet another WHINCHAT!  This is the best Autumn for Whinchat passage ive had in the ten years of recording, superb!  Unfortunatley, the promising patch visit was cut short not long after, when the rain moved in :-)  Still, it was an excellent hour none-the -less



 There were a few Butterflies about first thing this afternoon, mostly Small Whites, but 4 Speckled Woods were also seen, and a Small Copper

Speckled Wood


Warren Baker said...

I Had all sorts of problems trying to write this post, blogger is playing up again, sorry if it appeared differently at some point!!! Also sorry it's a bit short!!

Frank said...

Nice shots Warren of two species that I have never seen on my local patch. All very quiet over here at the moment.

Bob Bushell said...

The Wheatear and the Whinchat are two of my favourites, keep it going.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Frank,
Given the weather forecost for tomorrow, it'll be all quiet everywhere!!

Warren Baker said...

Bob, I'll do my best mate!

Phil said...

Nice Wheatear and Whinchat Warren. Still looking for a passage migrant at New Hythe but to no avail so far.

Warren Baker said...

Keep at it Phil, I once saw a Wheatear in the east scrub! (1998)

Jason K said...

Yet another good day on your patch Warren. You seem to be having a run on Whinchat like I have had a run on Common Redstart this Autumn...either way its a good year!

Pete Woodruff said...

More good news from you on the Whinchat scene Warren, all very encouraging stuff.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you`re having a good time of this autumn, Warren.
You make me sick ;-)