Monday, 3 October 2011

It seems that today will be the last day of the unseasonably hot weather, and normal service will be resumed as the week progresses  :-)

This afternoon once work was finished with, I visited the Scrubby Woods and Lake area before Migrant Alley, I had walked through there on the way home from work and all was quiet. The lake and woods will take more of a front seat as October progresses, in the hope of finding some wildfowl on the lake.

On the way all was very quiet indeed, the only bird of note was a flyover STOCK DOVE (49) one more for the creeping month list. I also came across a Common Darter Dragonfly and Red Admiral Butterfly, both which posed for the camera, who knows, these could be the last!

At the Lake, it was very evident that it is in need of some heavy rain to help re fill it, the lake must be a good foot lower than it should be, with only 4 each of MALLARD and MOORHEN using it.

In the Scrubby Woods, again all was very quiet, all that was of note here were a group of 4 BULLFINCH'S. After a good look round, I left for a skywatch over on my seat at Migrant Alley. This proved just as unproductive, I did find a KESTREL and SPARROWHAWK up circling, but not much else, but as my vigil neared it's end, I spied a small group of maybe a dozen small birds going high over, at least one was a SWALLOW, and at least 3 were HOUSE MARTINS (50), they were quite high up , but I could just make them out  :-)  As I watched them disappear south, a LITTLE OWL (51) called from the Greenhouse Copse behind me. The last bird of the visit was a CHIFFCHAFF, will it be the last of this year ?

I took this ROBIN from my garden photo as I left for my walk

Common Darter

Red Admiral

View from the Wet Woods, looking east across the Tree Nursery, and over Hadlow village, the church spire can just be seen.


Adam said...

I'd keep that Robin photo for the Xmas cards...if we ever get a winter!


Warren Baker said...

Hi Ad,
All the Robins look so good now they are in their new suits :-)

By the way, I'm still having probs leaving comments on the blogs I follow. If you dont hear from me , I'm still dropping in!

That goes to for all my other regular blog reads as well :-)

Anonymous said...

You`ve crept in front again, Warren. We can`t have that now, can we ;-) Trapped nerve or no trapped nerve, i`m out tomorrow.

BTW, nice pics, again.

Wilma said...

Beautiful photos, Warren.

Pete Woodruff said...

Yes, your pics are a delight to look at Warren....the Robin is excellent.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, that list is creeping up, I think I might just have got to 50 this morning, great pics again, the darter is a beauty.

Jason K said...

Things were a bit better on my patch today Warren...picked up Merlin and another Wheatear