Wednesday, 5 October 2011

It's almost too dark to see any birds first thing in the morning on the way into work now, but a KESTREL sitting on a fence post at Migrant Alley was just visible.

After work, in some grey and windy conditions, I thought it looked good for a bit of Skywatching, so I went over to my favoured seat at Migrant Alley, but before sitting, I had a walk around the sheep pasture and horse paddocks. I couldn't find yesterdays Whinchat, but I found three WHEATEARS, two of them were probably yesterdays birds. Also there was a flock of around 200 STARLINGS mingling with the 70 - 100 ROOKS, and nearby on the hedge the LINNET flock was making forays out into the pasture and back.

I finished the circuit of the fields and sat on my seat just in time to see a GREEN WOODPECKER fly off the fence beside me, the tall hedge on the other side was mostly empty, just a couple of BLUE TITS and BLACKBIRDS, while the Greenhouse Complex behnd that, had a small flock of GOLDFINCH'S on the thistles and 4 PIED WAGTAILS were on the glass rooves.

In my 90 minute vigil, I noted flocks of HOUSE MARTINS continually coming over, each flock having 20 - 50 birds in it, also 2 SKYLARKS, 1 MEADOW PIPIT, 1 GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, 2 SWALLOWS, and the months first BUZZARD (57) The Rooks and Starlings were being continually put up, but the only thing I saw annoying them was a large female SPARROWHAWK.

I also saw a Peacock butterfly, which was hardly able to fly, the first ive seen since the 28th July!






Pete Woodruff said...

Shorter days Warren, lights on and curtains shut by 6.30 this evening, wind and rain outside....oh dear.

The pics are great.

Bob Bushell said...

I haven't seen many Linnets this year, I wonder why?

Marc Heath said...

What settings are you using for your photos. It seems that the autofocus is sometimes not locking on to my eye? Not a criticism of your work, just an opinion I have seen.

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
The darkness is also coming over here as well as the snow which is already on the top of the mountains! I would love to see a linnet, still not on my list ;-)

Jason K said...

Your Wheatear looks cock-on for an Autumn 'greenland' Warren