Thursday, 11 October 2012

All change with the weather again today, it was miserable and wet, and I didn't get out at all this afternoon. However, the walk into work proved interesting when 8 LAPWING (62), the first since June, flew up from the sheep pasture at Migrant Alley, then whilst passing through the College Grounds LESSER REDPOLL and SISKIN were heard going over, plus a CHIFFCHAFF called from the gardens there.

Walking back home in the rain, just a few MEADOW PIPITS were seen at Migrant Alley, and one of the KESTRELS was perched up on the Greenhouses.

Hopefully i'll get out tomorrow  :-)


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Much better weather tomorrow , almost T shirts .
Answering your hedge question on mine , I don't purposely re-visit hedges that I've layed , but often pass ones on roadsides like one very local . It is alongside a local park / football pitches / dog walking area , and I was asked to teach the volunteers of the site the ancient art . What was a high , gappy row of trees alongside a busy road with little value to wildlife , is 5 years or so on , a thick , healthy , barrier to the dangers of the road , and a haven and corridor for wildlife . They liked it so much that they planted a new hedge at right angles to connect back across the field to the woodland beyond . Quess who they've got lined up to lay that when it is grown enough ? Also , with the Surrey Group , we are at present re-laying a hedge near Lingfield Racecourse that was layed some 12 years ago and is now some 15/20 ft. high , so there is no worry about success of the job . A regrown layed hedge is a much better habitat for all species than one that is left unmanaged , but I would say that , wouldn't I ?

Warren Baker said...

Thanks for that Greenie,
Must be great to get such job satisfaction :-)