Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Comma Butterfly
Comma Butterfly
This afternoon I gave the Tree Nursery a good looking through, hoping to find a patch rarity, maybe a Reed Bunting or a Snipe might be found, however, as is often the case I drew a blank with those, and just came up with two CHIFFCHAFFS, two GREEN WOODPECKERS and lots of WRENS, DUNNOCKS, ROBINS, the odd SONG THRUSH, a few BLACKBIRDS, plus the Comma Butterfly shown above  :-). Whilst I searched the shrubs and vegetation, I stopped to scan the sky a few times, finding a pair of KESTRELS, two BUZZARDS and a SPARROWHAWK in quick succession, all enjoying the fine Autumn sunshine.

I checked the adjacent Pub Field, in the hope of finding a Lapwing on the harrowed stubbles, but again I was not successful, only the ROOKS and Feral Pigeons fed here. Moving on to the paddocks and sheep pasture of Migrant Alley, I found what was to be expected really, half a dozen LINNETS, the same number of GOLDFINCH, more Rooks, 40-50 JACKDAWS and a scattering of WOODPIGEON. The power lines above had at least 250 STARLINGS lined across them, some of which dropped down into the sheep pasture to feed.

Another half hours sky watch on my seat only produced a couple of flyover SISKIN of note, but not a single Swallow or House Martin today, I may well have seen my last of these until next spring.

The sun was just disappearing behind the garden wall when I got home, but I just had time enough for some very dark photo's of some of the regular birds, not much is venturing in at the moment as the Sparrowhawks have got a grip on proceedings!
Coal Tit
Blue Tit



Anonymous said...

You`re gonna hate me Warren...had 1+ (calling) Snipe over garden a couple of hours ago.

Pete Woodruff said...

....'I gave the Tree Nursery a good looking through' the sort of birding language I use myself and like to hear from others Warren, its called determination.

Keep on keeping on Warren.

Warren Baker said...

Dean, you're right, I hate you! Snipe are so hard to find here, unless its really snowy !

Warren Baker said...

Hi Pete,
I keep keeping on, but this October has been relatively poor for surprise birds :-)

Marc Heath said...

Nice Coal Tit shots, was it sitting on the end of your lens?

Kieron Palmer said...

Hi Warren, nice to see the Coal Tit. We have one that has recently returned to the garden too but it is eluding my camera quite well at the moment!

ShySongbird said...

Lovely Comma photos Warren. I've not seen very many here this year.

Kelly said...

Warren, these photos are just gorgeous. I love the commas. I could imagine those on a note card or a poster!

Kelly said...

Warren, these photos are just gorgeous. I love the commas. I could imagine those on a note card or a poster!