Wednesday, 31 October 2012

With no work to go to for the rest of the week, this morning I decided to do the first of my BTO winter thrush surveys, as todays weather was forecast to be dry until dusk, needless to say, it rained almost constantly throughout the 90 minute survey! I surveyed the Tree Nursery, Pub Field, Migrant Alley and the Greenhouse Grounds, coming up with mostly BLACKBIRDS, but 3 SONGTHRUSH, 2 REDWING,  and 5 flyover FIELDFARE were also recorded, most of the birds seen were feeding on Hawthorn berries.

Whilst looking for the thrushes a small mixed flock of LESSER REDPOLL and SISKIN were found at the Greenhouse Grounds, nice to get some Redpoll down on the patch for once rather than just flying over   :-)

From late morning onwards I spent a few hours visiting the wildlife reserve at Sevenoaks with an old birding mate, just for a bit of a variety in my birding world  :-)  Here I could see the much sought after species of Duck that would be mega birds on my patch, like GADWALL, WIGEON, SHOVELER, TUFTED DUCK and TEAL. Most of the passerine species seen could of been sighted on my patch, but the likes of MUTE SWAN, COMMON SNIPE, EGYPTIAN GOOSE, LITTLE EGRET, RING NECKED PARAKEET and COOT are all scarce or very scarce on my patch  :-)

The 51 species recorded was a fair reward for the just over three hours visit, but the likes of Dunnock, Coal Tit, Greenfinch, Songthrush, Mistle Thrush, Green Woodpecker and Fieldfare were surprising omissions.

Back on patch tomorrow ( weather permitting!)
Photo's today come from my garden again, taken over the last few days  :-)
Bank Vole
Wood Mouse


Rohrerbot said...

Love the shots Warren. The Blue Tit is gorgeous as are the other shots.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Rohrerbot,
Blue Tits are very common here, and always pose nicely for the camera :-)

Pj1973 said...

Love the fact that all wildlife benefit from your bird feeder. Great to know it has such an impact. Used to live in tonbridge but now Birmingham city centre so your entries are much anticipated every day!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Love the small mammal shots .
Surprised at some of the 'no show' species at Sevenoaks , but not at the Winter Thrushes , as I didn't find any on my last couple of visits .
Glad you enjoyed the 'megas' .

Warren Baker said...

Nice of you to drop in, :-)

Warren Baker said...

I did see 5 REDWING at the visitors center :-)

Jason K said...

Not had any Redpolls as yet this autumn/winter Warren.

Nice Vole shots's not a species you see many images of on blogs so it's nice to sse

Kelly said...

So glad I dropped in today. The shots of the mouse and vole are fantastic. They are so cute. I love your header...the fox is stunning--bright eyes, alert expression. You can't ask for more!