Sunday, 28 October 2012

Any early morning brightness soon disappeared as low cloud moved in from the west, but at least the strong wind had abated for this mornings full patch walk.

The first bird on the list this morning was a KESTREL up hunting over the field to the front of my house, MAGPIE, MISTLE THRUSH, JACKDAW, DUNNOCK, BLACKBIRD and HOUSE SPARROW all followed in quick succession. I got as far as the Greenhouse Grounds, just a couple of minutes walk away, when the first of many WOODPIGEON flocks were seen going over, a continuation of the movement seen yesterday. As I watched the Woodpigeons, two COMMON BUZZARDS drifted low over, then two BRAMBLINGS flew over calling, with three more close behind, and above them a possible 15 others were seen, but they were too high to be sure, even the five I did confirm is a record peak count for my patch  :-) Also heard going over a few seconds later, was a LESSER REDPOLL, the first of a dozen or so heard during my walk. More REDWING and FIELDFARE flocks were seen going west as I crossed Migrant Alley, and a CORMORANT flew over heading towards the lakes.

The College Grounds was a bit livelier than yesterday, with COAL TIT, GOLDCREST, SONGTHRUSH, and a small group of six GREENFINCH, the biggest gathering on my patch for a while, all being seen. A KINGFISHER flew from one of the small ponds as I arrived, and the first of many SISKIN heard this morning flew over calling. Once again the sports pitch was home to around 100 BLACK HEADED GULLS, where a single LAPWING that flew over was a bonus.

Making my way over to the lakes, I passed through the Pub Field, and Tree Nursery, finding a few of the regular species, like GREEN WOODPECKER, MEADOW PIPIT, PIED WAGTAIL, and LONG TAILED TIT, plus flyovers from SKYLARK, HERRING GULL and more Redwing, Fieldfare, Siskin and Redpoll.

On the lakes this morning there were 6 MALLARD, a COOT, and 6 MOORHEN, the Scrubby Woods provided good views of BULLFINCH and NUTHATCH, with the likes of GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, JAY, and another Kestrel also showing up.

Nothing to add to the months list today, which at 73 species is the second best October to date, it will be difficult to find anymore species, but not impossible, maybe a Snipe will turn up during next weeks visits  :-)

The camera stayed at home today, but here's some garden bird species I photo'd yesterday.
Coal Tit
Marsh Tit


Alan Pavey said...

Fab pics again Warren, 73 is a good total and there is still a bit of time to add something else and Snipe is a good call.

ShySongbird said...

Great photos again Warren, love the Marsh and Coal Tits :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

Don't think you would have relished a full patch walk if the weather had been anything like it has been up here. I reckon its poured down dawn to dusk and lights on to have tea at 4.45pm.

Enjoyed reading your report.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Alan/Songbird
More Marsh Tit photo's to follow :-)

Warren Baker said...

Pete, Had one of those days on Friday!

Anthony Miners said...

Love the Marsh tit and second Jay shot.

Marc Heath said...

Great Jay shots Warren. Quite jealous of them.

Anonymous said...

Usual comment from me Warren....cracking pics mate.

joanca bs said...

Very nice shots
greetings from my blog joanca