Wednesday, 13 February 2013

After yesterday afternoons up-beat patch visit, this afternoons was back down to earth again!

A chainsaw crew were in the Wet woods, the Gas Canons nearby were back with a bang, and there was disturbance at the lake area, I should have stayed at home!  I did get a look around the Tree Nursery, where I saw 3 REDWING, 4 SONGTHRUSH, a GREEN WOODPECKER, a very vocal male PHEASANT and the sighting of the day - 14 LINNETS (58) the first this month  :-)

A brief look over the sheep pasture was made, and the 300+ birds I saw there were made up of roughly the same as yesterday, that is, 150 FIELDFARE, 100 Starling, 70 ROOKS, and 3 MISTLE THRUSH, but no Redwing were with them. One of the KESTREL pair was on the Greenhouse roof, and a SPARROWHAWK flew high over. On the walk home, well before sunset again, a pair of BULLFINCH were seen along Ashes Lane.

Lets hope tomorrow is up beat again, at least the weather looks to be brightening up, so I may get a few garden photo's if there's time, that is if I can remember how to operate the camera!!   :-)


ShySongbird said...

Not the best of patch visits today then Warren. Maybe it will be more peaceful tomorrow :-)

We have snow here but it should turn to rain during the night. There is supposed to be some sun at the end of the week :-)

Warren Baker said...

My patch can be very disturbed at times Songbird, especially in the afternoons.

I'm looking forward to the warmer temps forecast as of tomorrow!

Phil said...

Hope things go better tomorrow Warren, although wet in the morning by the look of it.
I'm moving to the new house in a couple of weeks time, should be able to get over after that. Looking forward to it.

Marc Heath said...

Linnets have been quite tricky at Reculver of late surprisingly, normally hundreds but not that many at all. Even worse are Pied Wagtails, normally falling over them but again where are they all.

Anonymous said...

2 totally different days up here mate. Yesterday was a complete white-out & today it`s sunny & mild. Mad innit ?

Alan Pavey said...

Amazingly I'm still looking for Linnet for the year list here! Hopefully today will be better for you.