Sunday, 17 February 2013

There was a light frost this morning, but once the sun was up it melted away and the day became sunny and springlike, although a bit of fog rolled in for an hour or so at one point.
The crocus' that I posted yesterday were encouraged to open by the sun this morning, reciprocating its warm yellow glow back out into the blue sky, but they didn't attract an early Bee.
Sunny Crocus
The sunshine also encouraged me to stay out a bit longer than usual, recording a total of 44 species in the 4 hour full patch walk. There wasn't the excitement of finding Waxwings and Med. Gulls today, but a lone SKYLARK (62) that drifted over the Tree Nursery, singing as it did so, was the first seen this month and was a joy to hear   :-)

Other highlights included 3 Raptor species, the first being a COMMON BUZZARD that was seen perched in a tree at the Pub Field/Tree Nursery boundary, the second was a female SPARROWHAWK that sped across Migrant Alley, putting up about 40 FIELDFARE, and 30 BLACK HEADED GULL, I had already scanned the gulls for a Med. Gull but none was found, although six COMMON GULLS were found, an all time peak count for my patch! The third raptor species for the day was the pair of KESTRELS that were again perched up at the Greenhouse Grounds, where the only SISKINS and BULLFINCH seen this morning were also to be found. This LITTLE OWL was seen in the adjacent Greenhouse Copse, enjoying some warm sunshine.
Little Owl
Little owl
The Lakes today were home to 6 CANADA GEESE, 4 MALLARD, 2 MOORHEN and the COOT pair, two very feral looking GREYLAG GEESE flew over but didn't drop onto the water.

Songsters today, along with the lone Skylark, were, BLACKBIRD, SONGTHRUSH, MISTLETHRUSH, ROBIN, DUNNOCK, GREENFINCH, CHAFFINCH, WOODPIGEON, GREAT TIT, COAL TIT, WREN, GOLDCREST and STOCK DOVE - spring is certainly fast approaching now  :-)


Marc Heath said...
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Marc Heath said...

I see you went for the sunrise photo as well. What a lovely morning. I still await Little Owl for the year. Some nice efforts by yourself today though.

Anonymous said...

You`re way in front down there mate. My Crocuses have only just broke through the soil.

Warren Baker said...

I knew if I got a sunrise photo i'd have at least one image to put on the blog tonight :-)

Warren Baker said...

If that cold weather comes that will be it for the crocus' :-(

Alan Pavey said...
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Alan Pavey said...

Excellent Little Owl shots Warren.

Warren Baker said...

Cheers Alan,
There's always a stick in the way though! :-)

Greenie said...

Warren ,
It was certainly nice to feel the warmth of the sun today .
Even saw a couple of bumblebees .
Like the LO shots too .

Joe said...

Lovely sunrise photo there, and that crocus is such a nice warm colour, must have brightened things up even more. Nice photo of the Little Owl- I haven't seen one this year yet, but there's supposedly a couple of them on the uni campus which I haven't got around to looking for so far. Oh and that Skylark must have been a fantastic sound. Personally, I find there's few sounds that represent the British countryside better than the song of a Skylark high in the sky.

Pete Woodruff said...

....Love the sunrise shot Warren.

We have a excellent two days forecast - Mon/Tues - up her in't north and definitely looking forward to that.

Adam said...

nice owl

Christian said...

Love the sunrise, Warren. It's amazing to have such a clear sphere to photograph!

ShySongbird said...

That's a cracking sun shot Warren! I'm envious of the SEO, I was looking for one yesterday in a place where it had been seen locally but such is my luck that there was no sign...I don't do very well with owls :-( You see them far more than I'll be telling me next that they're in your garden. I shall definitely be down to camp in your shed then ;-)

Warren Baker said...

I have recorded Little owl in my garden, but it was too dark to photo it!

Shall I book you a place in the shed LoL :-)