Friday, 15 February 2013

There was quite a bit of disturbance spread over various parts of my patch today, so there wasn't going to be anything unusual to be found, it did however prove a pleasant couple of hours out despite the early sunshine quickly vanishing the moment I stepped out!

Over on the Lakes the COOT pair were feeding busily on water weed, a CORMORANT dropped in to fish on the main lake, and two pairs of CANADA GEESE honked noisily, annoyed at my presence. Just two pairs of MALLARD were seen, sleeping under the overhang trees, and two MOORHENS flicked about on one of the banksides.

The only singing heard from the adjacent Scrubby Woods was of MISTLE THRUSH, ROBIN and DUNNOCK, but calls from GREAT TIT, BLUE TIT, CHAFFINCH, BULFINCH and JAY were also heard. A pair of Bullfinch were also seen at the Greenhouse Grounds, where the workers were hauling out all the old stems from last years Raspberry crop, and dumping them on the ground that was cleared a few weeks ago, this makes great foraging habitat for Blackbirds, thrushes, Wrens, Robins and Dunnocks, as well as providing a home for many small rodents that feed the KESTRELS, both pairs were seen perched up on the roofs. A GOLDCREST was the only species seen in the nearby line of Alders today.

The Sheep pasture at Migrant Alley was only feeding around 70 ROOKS and a handful of WOODPIGEON, while overhead a GREYLAG GOOSE flew over calling, not quite the Skylark or Yellowhammer I was listening out for, both these species have yet to be found this month, so they will be top of the list to find on tomorrow mornings early full patch walk  :-)

No photo's from my patch today, and as I had ''loaned'' out my shed to a fellow photographer this afternoon so he could get some Long tailed Tit photo's, It wasn't available to me! - so i'll have to show some more of the photo's I took yesterday at my garden feeding station  :-)
NUTHATCH -a pair of these are frequent visitors, but they will be visiting less once they go off to breed
Even the BLUE TITS become less frequent once the breeding season gets here
The LONG TAILED TITS will be the first to breed, and wont be using the feeders for much longer now, so i'll get 'em while I can   ;-)
The GREEN WOODPECKER will also stop coming in once its insect food becomes available, but i'm running out of apples so it might be sooner!


Ken. said...

Not one of your better days today, still hopefully your full day tomorrow will make up for it.
Really like the Green Woody pic.

Marc Heath said...

Loaning out your shed! what is this Warren? I can't believe someone is in your place of paradise getting the shots. I would be changing the locks I think.

ShySongbird said...

Hi Warren, I suppose if you started charging rent for the use of the shed you could have a nice little earner when you finish work ;-)

Lovely photos again, three very good species to have regularly visiting your garden.