Monday, 13 May 2013

Another morning of cloud, wind and spits of rain made for a rather uninspiring early morning visit to the College Grounds. I realised that it was unlikely any Spotted Flycatchers would have arrived, but I checked anyway, with no luck!

I spent 90 minutes mooching around the College Gardens and grounds, with very little to show for it, a bit of song from the odd BLACKCAP and CHIFFCHAFF, as well as GOLDCREST, COAL TIT and MISTLETHRUSH, but as yesterday it was more like a March day than May.

On the walk back home, I checked the Greenhouse Grounds, where some half hearted WHITETHROAT song was heard, but the WRENS, ROBINS, DUNNOCKS, CHAFFINCH, SONGTHRUSH and BLACKBIRDS seen there, were a bit more forceful with their repertoire.

The uneventful visit continued as I visited the Scrubby Woods and lake area, but at least the cloud had broken up a bit by now, and some brief spells weak sunshine were had. I was on the lookout for newly fledged birds, but nothing was found yet, at least the COOTS have still got 3 well grown young on the go, they are looking strong and healthy despite the weather, but their was no sign of the recently fledged Greylags, or any adults.

With not much going on in the Woods, I went back over to my seat for a sky watch, the first of two hour long sessions today, however between them I could only muster LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL, HERRING GULL, a GREYLAG GOOSE, which touched down on one of the paddocks, 2 SWIFTS, a KESTREL and BUZZARD of any note, what a poor day considering its mid May! Where are all the birds this year  ?

Not much action for the camera today, I had hoped by now for some warm weather, giving opportunities to photograph Damsels and Butterflies, none of which were even seen today  :-(

Here's the Greylag Goose that alighted on the paddocks though ;
Greylag Goose - it eventually got fed up with me and moved to a paddock further away for some peace  :-)
Off it goes to find a more peaceful paddock
Gave me a flight shot though  :-)


Marc Heath said...

Smart flight shots Warren. Pack your coat for tomorrow's session, I think you may need it in the afternoon.

ShySongbird said...

Hi Warren, Surely it's not going to be another year like last, i dont't think I could take another one! Our ten day forecast is lousy, so that's May wasted especially as I couldn't take advantage of the good days we did have :-(

Anyway, your photos of the Greylag are cheering, love the first one. Good news that the Coots are doing well too :-)

Warren Baker said...

Looks the coat will stay on for the rest of the month !

Warren Baker said...

Its not looking good is it Songbird! Looked at what info I could find on this summers weather and it looks average at best :-(