Tuesday, 28 May 2013

What a wash out of a day! After a wonderful weekend of wildlife watching, today it all came to a wet end with rain all day  :-(

Needless to say, I barely got out at all, but in a quick half hour dry interlude, I made a visit to the Greenhouse Grounds, where as well as seeing one of the KESTREL pair, and a LITTLE OWL sitting on the Greenhouse guttering, I recorded the first recently fledged SONGTHRUSH of the year, good to see they have produced youngsters.

Whilst stuck indoors, I kept an eye on the garden feeders, and was cheered by this handsome male BULLFINCH that turned up to feed on the various weeds on my lawn, a good reason not to join the masses and mow the lawn every Sunday!

Posts to the old Blog may become a bit sporadic over the next week or so. My elderly father was admitted to hospital today, and it seems he is coming to the end of his days, i'll do well to emulate his enjoyment for life, a real good bloke  :-)  it's him I can thank for my perseverance and dogged determination, these are the qualities he has passed on to me  :-)
Male Bullfinch - stunner!
Bullfinch - shame the light was so dire!


Pjbird1973 said...

Wishing you both the very best

Marc Heath said...

ohhh, a male Bullfinch, what a bird to see and photograph.

Pete Woodruff said...

Three cheers for the brilliant male Bullfinch.

Its 'you know what' every minute of today up here in't north too Warren....this has now gone beyond the serious mark.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Sorry to hear about your Dad .
He'd probably enjoy being called
'a real good bloke'.
Nice Bullfinch .

ShySongbird said...

Well done! What a beauty he is. I get one in my garden very occasionally but have never managed a nice close photo.

So sorry to hear about your Dad, Warren. You will both be in my thoughts. I'm sure those valuable qualities you mention will help in the difficult days ahead. Sending warm, supportive hugs.

Sharon said...

Lovely shot of the Bullfinch Warren.

Sorry to hear about your Dad, wishing you both the best.