Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Yet another dull and gloomy summers morning, with a cool wind thrown in  to dampen the spirits. I did the usual early morning walk over to the College grounds, not finding an awful lot on the way, a singing BLACKCAP was heard at the Greenhouse Grounds, where a KESTREL sat on the roof of one of the greenhouses. Another Blackcap sang from a large garden adjacent to Migrant Alley, and on the paddocks there, 11 GREYLAG GEESE and 14 CANADA GEESE were grazing, while on the sheep pasture at least 125 ROOKS were feeding, at least a quarter of those were young ones.

Arriving at the College Grounds I was straight away greeted by the calls of - at last- a SPOTTED FLYCATCHER (97,68) a quick look through the foliage of an Oak tree soon revealed it, before it quickly flew off further into the Grounds, where I came across it a few minutes later, but no photo was obtained, as the light was so dull and dismal I left the camera at home. Lets hope between now and September that we get a sunny morning to grab some images of the Spotfly  :-)

Looking at my stats for Spotted Flycatcher reveals just how late this spring is, todays arrival is 10 days later than the 12 year Median average arrival date, and 6 days later than the previous latest date!

On my way back across Migrant Alley, I stopped for a half hour sky watch from my seat, the highlight of that was seeing a PEREGRINE fly across to the tower in the village, with a large item of prey, a SPARROWHAWK was also seen up high.

A check of the Lakes and Scrubby Woods was quite a poor affair, 14 Canada Geese were on the Water, with 8 GREYLAG GEESE and a single drake MALLARD. The COOT pair were on their own lake, feeding their 3 young, and 2 pairs of MOORHENS were skulking around the lake edges.

In the Scrubby Woods, fewer CHIFFCHAFF and Blackcaps are singing, a COAL TIT also sang, as did a GOLDCREST or two and both GREEN and GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS were seen. I watched a pair of BULLFINCH feeding quietly in an old dying apple tree, easily the best looking birds seen today  ;-)

A surprise for the day was waiting as I got home, I reached my front garden and heard a TURTLE DOVE singing loudly from a large poplar tree 30m out in the field opposite my house, it's been a few years since I heard this species from my garden! Also this afternoon, the first newly fledged STARLING was seen with its parents at my feeders, 10 days later than last years first record, and 6 days later than 2011.

Down to the last few photo's in the blog photo folder now, at this time of year it should be crammed full! Just the rest of the Great Spotted Woodpecker and Starlings left. :-(
Great Spotted Woodpecker


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Ton up before the end of May? Hope so it was looking so promising for you earlier in the month



ShySongbird said...

Well done on the Spotted Flycatcher Warren :-) I was really starting to wonder if you wouldn't get one this time. What a joy to hear the Turtle Dove so very close to home too! Lovely photos again. That GSW has been a long stayer, do you think you might see youngsters later on?

Marc Heath said...

Nice one with the Spot Fly. Lovely colours on the Starling.

Warren Baker said...

Need a change of fortune to get to 100 species before June :-)

Warren Baker said...

Great Spots live in my garden all year round, except maybe September, when they become scarcer :-)

They usually do bring their young in for their photo shoot!

Stephen Mills said...

Well done on the Spot Fly,Warren.As usual some lovely photos as well.

Chris said...

Dummy day but you got crisp and beautiful pictures anyway... The woodpecker is wonderful... It is quite strange over here too, cold for May with lots of wind... So temps are not going over 8°C, still the birds are arriving!

Chris said...

Oh ok looks like my eyes are reading but not my brain.. Did not pick up that the pictures were rest of previous days ;-) Sorry... But I still love them ;-)

Alan Pavey said...

Well done with Spot Fly as you say I need a bonus bird now :-)