Sunday, 16 October 2016

A short, late morning walk, around the farmland part of my patch, post the rain, was mainly done to get some exercise and fresh air, but the 90 minute visit added both GREYLAG GOOSE (64) and PHEASANT (65) to the months list, just goes to show you never know what each patch visit will bring, even a short one!

No Summer species were found, nor were there any Raptor species about, the Grey Wagtail seems to have left the Greenhouse grounds too, after a week or so of feeding there.

The October list is still way behind the mean average species count for the previous five years (73), but with half the month to go I might just add the likes of Peregrine, Lapwing, Yellowhammer, Lesser Redpoll, Tawny Owl or Mandarin Duck, even maybe something more exotic will be found, like Coot, Mute Swan or Tufted Duck  ;-)

Not much chance for photo's recently, at this time of the year I'm usually photographing the garden birds at my feeders, but these are few, due not least to the attentions of the local Sparrowhawk pair. I've not even had a Blackbird visit this month, House Sparrows have not visited since August!

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