Monday, 17 October 2016

It was mostly cloudy this morning, but in the occasional sunny spells it felt quite warm. Showers fell around noon and into the afternoon.

I undertook a full patch walk today, where during the four and a half hour visit I recorded a good tally of 48 species, Pheasant was missing again as was Coal Tit, but all the other regular species turned out.

Two more new species were found for the months list, a YELLOWHAMMER (66) was watched as it circled around Migrant Alley, calling as it went, a little later a LESSER REDPOLL (67) also flew over, that also giving it's distinct call. Flyovers from CANADA GOOSE, HERRING GULL, BLACK HEADED GULL, LINNET, GREY WAGTAIL, SISKIN and FIELDFARE all helped the daylist along.

The three local Raptor species were all noted up hunting, the female KESTREL at the Greenhouse Grounds, two BUZZARDS up over the Wet Woods, and a SPARROWHAWK around the Scrubby Woods.

The lakes were disappointing - as ever- just a few MOORHEN and a couple of MALLARDS were present, as I left a CORMORANT dropped onto the main lake.

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