Wednesday, 4 March 2009

After heavy overnight rain, and a howling gale, my patch was once again waterlogged for my afternoon visit, it had just started to dry out a bit too! My walk started out as usual, a few REDWING, and a couple of MISTLE THRUSH in the small holding, and adjacent fields, a small group of 4-5 BULLFINCH were feeding on the blackthorne buds, and 3 MALLARD were on the wterlogged fields, and NUTHATCH gave me a photo chance. Thereafter the afternoon went from bad to worse. The tree mucher in the nursery was working up against the edge of the field, where it meets the wet woods, and it was so loud I couldn't here a thing, not that anything was seen anyway. The lake had obviously been disturbed recently too, only 3 CANADA GEESE were on it, and not a single Mallard, there were just a few SISKIN in the nearby garden with the feeding station. Oh well, I still had Migrant Alley to scan, but when I got there a dog walker was just walking back to his house from the maize stubble, his three loose dogs following behind, at various intervals. If that wasn't enough disturbance, it was that time of year when one of the student groups from the college get to go out in small gatherings, and walk the fields to learn about bio - diversity. So absolutely nothing was seen on the fields, I spent an hour watching the skies, where I did at least get the first BLACK HEADED GULL for the month, and helping out the better looking students with their questionairs (-: They seemed quite impressed with my identification of fly over birds, JACKDAW, ROOK, CARRION CROW, PIED WAGTAIL and the likes. So that was my afternoon, a waste really, but some days are like that on my patch, it's not a nature reserve - unfortunately. There was one more addition to the months list, a GREY HERON dropped into one of the ornimental ponds at the college grounds as I walked to work this morning.

Above a NUTHATCH, one of the few birds seen today
You might have to click on these pics to enlarge them to see the fields properly.
Above is a view from just inside the wet woods, looking out onto the tree nursery, after the clearance. the shack in the distance is where the Barn owl was roosting, not seen now since January.
Below is the view from the shack, looking back at the wet woods, the '' tree muncher'' is just visible.

Below is another pic. from the wet woods.the tree muncher is busy. In the background, you can see the green of the Laurel and viburnum shrubs that are going to remain until 2011.


Mike H said...

Warren just discovered your great site...Nice nuthatch photo can you see any more info on the leg ring?

Phil and Mandy said...

Thanks Warren,
I quite liked seeing the Kingfisher as it made the day more enjoyable. Am going up to Pensthorpe next week in North Norfolk for a visit, have got myself a new job now so am making the most of birding before I start on the 23rd March. Thanks for info on swan ID'ing.

Warren Baker said...

Glad you enjoy reading my blog. The nuthatch was ringed by my BTO ringing friend. He lives a few doors up the road from me, and rings from the garden at times. I cant say which individual bird it is, but it was probably ringed late last year.

Oxonhoath Birds said...

Sorry to see all the damage on your patch Warren, for someone so dedicated you dont deserve it.

fishing guy said...

Warren: Those are neat shots of the lanscape. The nuthatch is the first bird you shown that is so close to over here.
I also consider you a friend and I knew I would miss a few when I made the list.

Natural Moments said...

Warren, You are an inspiration knowing and exploring your home and your environment so well.

Kelly said...

...beautiful little nuthatch. Sorry about the destruction. About three years ago, people behind us clear-cut a half acres of woods and squeezed in a house. It was very disappointing and broke my heart. I definitely noticed a change in birds.

Chris said...

HI Warren,
Well we are all waiting for spring to come isn't it???
Here it is snow again and -12 this morning, but a beautiful light I have to say!!
Nice to see a nuthatch, I love these birds but they are really hard to get!! So well done here!!!