Monday, 23 March 2009

The fine weather came to an end today, and a strong NW wind blew in some heavy cloud. My walk across Migrant Alley this morning, on the way to work, was notable only because for the first time this year, I didn't record Fieldfare or Redwing, they really are heading back north big time now.

The afternoon sky threatened rain when I left for my patch walk, and the wind seemed to get stronger all the time, making it difficult to pick up any bird song/calls, but I did come across the usual suspects in the wet woods, LONG TAILED TIT, TREECREEPER, and GOLDCREST all showed well, but the poor light and swaying branches prevented any photo opportunities. On the lake, a pair of CANADA GEESE were very agressive towards 3 GREYLAG GEESE, that dropped in whilst I was there, and 2 CORMORANTS sat in the tall crypress type tree. 4 male mallard were dabbling about on the water, the females no doubt on eggs somewhere in the vacinity, while MOORHENS chased one another across the lake, sorting out territories.

Migrant Alley was, unsurprisingly, quiet. The ploughed field was bone dry, and nothing at all was on it, instead, all the ROOKS, CARRION CROWS, and JACKDAWS were in with the sheep and lambs, waiting for the latter to lose their crimped tails! 3 LESSER BLACK BACKED GULLS joined them for 10 mins or so, but that was the extent of the birds present. I sat and did some sky-watching for half an hour, hoping for a Swallow, but none were forthcoming, the thrill of that event is for an April day i think. By 15:45 the first spots of rain were being blasted onto my face, and when I turned NW the sky was very dark and threatening, so I conceeded defeat and got home just as it threw it down - Oh well at least the plough will get a good wetting, allowing easy pickings for the Whimbrel that i will see next week, ( Hah hah!) .

In the garden I witnessed a SPARROWHAWK come through, darn it! I thought this month was going to be the first Sparrowhawk free month in six years! At least I have had 22 days without it. Just as the finch's had started to get confident enough to feed on the ground as well.


lee said...

Well done on the SandMartin yesterday Warren, as i write this the the sky is brightening up so hopefully it will be a better day tomorrow. 80 wow only 10 behind me oh hum.sorry couldn't resist.

Adam said...

Tahnks for rubbing it in about the LS Woodpecker! Knew you' get me back for those Waxwings! Heard there were 23 Waxwings in Wateringbury today and with NW blowing at the eend of the week on't write them off just yet.


Warren Baker said...

I'm still scanning the treetops in hope!

I reckon I should get 95-97 species this year. Thats if all my usual summer birds turn up! But I will be all out to get to 100.

Kelly said...

...glad to hear you made it in before the downpour!

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren.
Is that another bad day as far as you are concerned. I am not use to reading negative-ish reports from you.Hurry up and find those migrants, and summer visitors

ShySongbird said...

I would love to see a TreeCreeper, and a Goldcrest for that matter. Shame about that darned Sparrowhawk, I've a feeling ours may be around again as the feeders are not going down so quickly the last few days.