Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I missed out on a beautiful spring morning today, I hate going to work! There was a small bit of sunshine left for my afternoon walk round my patch, and I think if there was a migrant Chiffchaff about, it would have been calling early on. I kept looking and listening though, I went through the small holding, no Chiffchaff there, just 3 GREEN WOODPECKERS on the large lawns of a big house, and a GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER in the field with a few old pear trees in. I looked for the Little Owl at it's hole, but it wasn't there, Ive not seen a Little Owl this month yet. Into the wet woods, and every few meters I stood and listened for the Chiff - chaff- chiff-chiff-chaff call but nothing here either, a few SISKINS were a reminder of the winter, and a GOLDCREST sang as did a TREECREEPER. The lake area was a waste of time, even the half tame Canda Geese had gone, probably scared off by the groundsman and one of his huge fires! I did stop around for a while, looking over the old scrubby orchard that the spring migrants like to breed in, but no Chiffchaff here either. I went back on my tracks, and crossed the treeless tree nursery, and headed into migrant alley for a skywatch, 4 GREYLAG GEESE went over, as did a CORMORANT and 3 BLACK HEAED GULLS. The stubbles were empty of birds, but that was because the college had left one of there rubbish piles burning out there again! Also 4 workman were on the perimeter, in dayglow jackets digging a hole for something! So another frustrating day in all. The weather forecast is looking ok for spring migrants especially after thursday, but we'll have to wait and see, i'll be out'' Chiffchaffing'' again tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

This bleak period must be coming to an end soon, Warren.
I`m also hoping for a Chiffy, by the weekend.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Be careful , ' Chiffchaffing ' in
public could be an arrestable offence .
Since when did you start answering to Greenie ?
Spot on with the newt ID .
Just one Adder whilst working today .

Newton Stringer said...

Hey Warren that certainly looks like a mealy poll to me.

Shame you've not got more pics from other angles, but even so with what you have it looks too pale and frosted for lesser, however the undertail coverts and flanks seem well streaked ruling out any arctic possibilities.


Ken said...

Hello Warren.
Sorry that you had such a lousy day. I hope you have a better one tomorrow.