Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Yet another bright sunny day, although an easterly wind made it a touch chilly, out of it the temperature felt warm enough. The cold wind is set to strenghthen over the next few day's, but the easterly direction might bring in an interesting migrant bird.

Back on my patch this afternoon, the wet woods had lost it's spell somewhat, the cool wind had lessened the appertite of the birds to sing, and just a GOLDREST, and a few SISKIN were were the most interesting birds recorded. Over at the lake I could hear the CANADA GEESE cackling, and as I approached I regretfully let my mind wonder, and found myself startled by two ducks flapping across the lake, which had been lurking by the waters edge, under the tree overhang. I manged to get my bins on them as they flew off, and saw that they were a pair GOOSANDER! That will teach me, I needn't have flushed them at all, if I was paying attention, still, a great species to find here, even if this is the fourth record this month. I went and checked the garden feeders at the nearby house, and found some more Siskin, they will be leaving in the next few weeks, and will be getting hard to add to the day lists, the latest date I have recorded them is the 13th Apr. that was last year.

A Comma butterfly was seen and photographed before I left the lakes, and walking over to migrant alley, via the ex-tree nursery a KESTREL flew across my path, and another butterfly species gave me a photographic opportunity, whilst sunning itself on a piece of plastic sacking - a Peacock.

At Migrant Alley, all was quiet, and the cold wind chilled me as i sat on the exposed horse jump. Just a few STOCK DOVES were seen, and two singing SKYLARKS flew above me. Again no winter thrushes were seen, but as yesterday I did see 8 or so early on as I walked into work. The latest dates for Fieldfare and Redwing are the 13th and 20th of Apr. respectively, but most years they have gone in the first week of that month.

Above is the Peacock Butterfly seen in the ex-tree nursery,and below the Comma. Both these butterflies look to be ones that have overwintered as adults. They look a little worn. ( aint that right greenie?)

Below is the Female Kestrel that flew overhead


Ken said...

Hi Warren
Always nice to see your Buterfly Photo's.Shame you spooked the Goosander's.

Phil and Mandy said...

Love the Butterfly shots Warren, Mandy and I are off to Wakehurst Place on Sunday so there could be some photo opportunities there. Phil

Anonymous said...

Excellent photos, Warren.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Spot on with the butterfly info and added to the list are Red Admiral , Small Tortoishell and Brimstone . That's why we see them on warm days at this time of year , they will mate , and we will see the offspring later in the year . Other species will have overwintered as eggs , caterpillar or chrysalis , and they will emerge later .
Snap with the Peacock .

Kelly said...

...very cool butterflies. I didn't know they overwinter...never thought about it. Great info...thanks!

ShySongbird said...

Hi Warren,

I have just spent some time looking through your blog and have found it very impressive with lovely photos.
You certainly see a rich and varied amount of all things natural on your walks.

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
Looks like you got a lot of fun while I was in Paris. Is the weather better now?
I had fun in Paris too and hope to show you some of the nice pictures I did on my blog soon, but I have so many to sort out and clean!!