Sunday, 15 March 2009

After a slight frost at dawn this morning, the day just got warmer and warmer, the best day of the year so far. All this sunshine and warmth tempted me to stay out for a five hour session on my patch today, though the good weather didn't bring in any new migrants, it did encourage much singing from the Tits, Finch's and Thrushes. Yesterday's CHIFFCHAFF was again heard at the lake, and another over at the college gardens. A KESTREL was hunting over the harrowed maize stubbles, and a little later a female SPARROWHAWK did the same, another raptor species was also seen when a pair of COMMON BUZZARDS circled on the thermals to the north of my patch.

A few winter species were still about, 2 REDWING, and a small group of SISKIN were seen at the stream side alders adjacent the college, and a couple of MEADOW PIPITS showed up at the sheep pasture, but not one Fieldfare was recorded.

Despite being out for longer than yesterday, and the improvement in the weather, todays total species reached 48, three fewer than yesterday, but five birds were recorded that didn't show yesterday, Kestrel, COAL TIT, BULLFINCH, JAY and LINNET, so 56 species for the weekend isn't a bad show.

Also noted today were my first butterfly species, a SMALL WHITE, and more excitingly, a BRIMSTONE BUTTERFLY. the latter has not been seen here for some years now

Below: The female sparrowhawk that went over Migrant Alley. (Look at that blue sky!!!)

..........and another
Below is that loud songster the MISTLE THRUSH.
And here's it's smaller cousin the SONG THRUSH, which sings almost as loud, but much more sweeter, this one is collecting nesting material.
Below is another speckle chested bird, but of a totally different species, a MEADOW PIPIT, giving some song whilst looking out for that Sparrowhawk!


Oxonhoath Birds said...

Nice batch of pics today Warren,cant wait to get my new camera

Phil and Mandy said...

Some nice photos mate as Dave has already said. We just got in and I had a pair of Reed Bunting on the feeder! Well I am 95% certain they were Reedies.

The Early Birder said...

I see you've had a good birding weekend. We also had a Brimstone thro' the garden today plus a White sp. (too quick to ID!) & female Sparrowhawk mobbed by Crow but too high to photo.
Nice series of pics Warren.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Great day to be out and about , let's hope it continues .
Like the Sparrowhawk shots .

Ken said...

Hello Warren.
It looks like we both had a good day with Brimstone's.
You shot's of the Sparrowhawk are very good. What a good weekend you have had. Well done matey.

Kelly said...

...the sparrowhawk in flight is very nice. The Meadow Pipit reminds me a bit of our Meadowlark.

Kingsdowner said...

Nice ones Warren!