Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The autumnal weather arrived today, as blustery showers moved through right from dawn till dusk. I did manage to dodge the showers for an hour or so this afternoon, and it even brightened up for about 20mins!

I walked my usual 'Autumn' walk through Migrant Alley, hoping to find a migrant or two, but the wind made things very difficult. At least 3 SANDMARTINS flew through, and a HOBBY was seen on a couple of occasions, one on the walk in to work that was sitting on a fence line at migrant alley, only the second one i've seen come down and alight onto my patch! A COMMON WHITETHROAT was found in the scrub at the northern end of the paddocks - thats 3 more for the monthly total, but no other passage visitors were found. There were many HERRING GULLS and a few LESSER BLACK BACKED GULLS flying around, attracted to nearby stubbles that were being ploughed in, also 5 BLACK HEADED GULLS were seen going over, they join the sept list, which is now at 42. I should get into the mid 50's by the end of this weekend after a couple of full circuits of my patch.

Below is a Photo of a Female Common blue butterfly, I found this by the Greenhouses, during the ''bright'' spell.

Below: One of the lesser Black backed Gulls that flew over.


Chris said...

Already 42 species!! Wow, guess you can beat the reacord too!
I hope I will reach 90 now, but I think i'm dreaming!

Jann said...

Really nice pics of the common blue and gull. I can't wait to see gulls on the NW beaches...I saw flying insects today and sighted a red-breasted nuthatch (2nd sighting) but they are nearly impossible to get pics of, UGG!

Steve said...

A bit of a slow day for you Warren. Nice butterfly photo though.

Monika said...

I take it back, it is a lot calmer here than over there! Here's hoping you get some nice summer-like days again before too long.