Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A taste of summer was had today, the temperature at 07:00 was already in the mid-teens, and the birds were active much earlier as a result. A TURTLE DOVE was seen again, this one flew low and fast south, and a small brown warbler flew from the maize, but I couldn't get onto it quick enough for an ID, probably a Sedge warbler. Thats all I had time for as i walked in to work.

This afternoon it was hot, so I left my walk until much later than normal to avoid the heat, there wasn't any activity at Migrant Alley as I walked back from work anyway. I got out around 16:00 and scanned the fields and maize, but nothing was about today, even the PIED WAGTAILS and LINNETS were fewer than recent days. I decided to watch the sky for an hour to see what might turn up, and saw 2 HOBBIES, a KESTREL, a SPARROWHAWK and a GREY WAGTAIL all go over, but it was a quiet day today.

These PHEASANTS walked up the footpatch towards me as i skywatched, they were looking heavily in moult.

Below are a coule of views from my skywatch position, one of the tower, where the peregrines live. The bottom photo is a view past the tall hedge.


Greenie said...

Warren ,
You can't record break every day .
Hedgelaying up on the Greensand Ridge today , and tomorrow , but did hear two Tawny Owls calling to each other .

Kelly said...

Lovely photos of the pheasant. Despite your hot temps, looking at those photos made me feel autumn was in the air. So many historic paintings and photos of pheasants in autumn settings have "trained" me to feel autumn when I see one! Lovely photos...

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Peregrines have very stately living quarters there, Warren.

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
They are sometime days like that during which you do not see a feather! Well at least you saw some, but the record will have to wait a bit ;-) That would be too easy otherwise. AS for me I did not see the ruff today, so no number 86 yet ;-)

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren.
Sorry you didn't see much today, still you did well seeing 60 species on Sunday. Well done.Better luck tomorrow Warren.