Friday, 18 September 2009

Once again this morning I found a WHEATEAR at migrant alley as I walked to work, also a BLACKCAP was giving some quiet sub-song in the tall hedge, and a Male SPARROWHAWK flew low over the fresh cut maize.

This afternoons walk had a bit of a difference to it, I had agreed to take round one of the College students to aid him with his wildlife studies, so I left the camera at home. I met up with Robert the student, and found that he knew next to nothing about Birds, butterflies or any other wildlife, but I did my best to show him what could be around Migrant Alley. Almost the first bird I showed him was the REDSTART! The best views I have had yet of it ( 'cos I had no camera!) I tried to explain to Robert how much of a scarce bird this was on my patch, but to him all the birds were scarce - he had never seen most of them!

We walked round the maize crop and I showed him the LINNETS, which were now in a flock of around 35, also the PIED WAGTAILS, the different Corvids and how to seperate Rooks, Jackdaws and Carrion crows. We listened to the 'seep seep' calls of the MEADOW PIPITS that were flying out of the maize Stubbles, and I explained how they were not local birds, but birds that had probably come from the northern and western uplands. Then he had his second highlight of the day when a HOBBY flew low over us, circled round, and gave good photographic opportunities (grrr). The very next bird was a WHINCHAT, which meant more explaining of Migrant species. After two hours I let the poor man go, as I had probably confused him enough for one afternoon, but even as I was saying goodbye to him 3 Clouded Yellow butteflies flew past, a single and a pair, I had to inform him how unusual these butterflies were, so as to explain my excited behaviour.

After Robert left, I had great views of the Whinchat, so I rushed off home for my camera. luckily when I got back it was still around, but I couldn't get as close as I had earlier. Another walk round the Miaze stubbles/horse paddocks and more joy for me, in the form of a WHEATEAR. Once again I had recorded the Whinchat, Wheatear, and Redstart on the same afternoon, what a treat. I'm certain the Redstart is the same individual that I first recorded on the 12th, but the Whinchat and Wheatear may well have been different birds.

Despite all these scarce species being seen, none of them were new for my months list, and it remains static, at 72. Maybe i'll get something new on tomorrows morning visit.

Below is a Photo of a Peacock Butterfly, the first ive seen for ages.

Above and below is the Whinchat

Lastly, lots of Wheatear photo's, just because they are so photogenic and great birds!


ShySongbird said...

Isn't it sad Warren that so many people seem to have no knowledge of, or interest in, Nature. Maybe one day they will realise it's the things money can't buy that can give the most pleasure.

How frustrating not to have your camera with you when you needed it most, to put it impolitely, it's sods law!!

Those photos of the Wheatear are gorgeous, what an elegant little bird it is.

Clouded Yellows as well (huge sigh!)

ShySongbird said...

PS. Have you heard there is great excitement in your neck of the woods (well definitely Kent) as a Tufted Puffin has been spotted, apparently the twitchers are going batty!

Pete Woodruff said...

Enjoyed the read Warren.

A good bird for Robert to start his learning curve with a Redstart soon followed by an even better bird in the Whinchat. I think he will soon realise how lucky he was to get off to such a excellent start.

Thanks for comments on Birds2blog.

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Yeah Warren - how come you haven't found the TP on your patch yet - -its out there somewhere......



Fraser Simpson said...

That's a great way to pass on your knowledge and bird your patch at the same time Warren.

Jann said...

Beautiful shots of the whinchat! Love the peacock 'fly too of course, stunning.

Anonymous said...

Wheatears : great birds & great photos, Warren.

Good luck with some monthly additions over the weekend.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
I hope the next student brings an apple .
Have a good weekend .

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Very nice shots of the Wheatear Warren stunning birds.

Monika said...

The wheatear is a very photogenic bird - you've got some nice images there! Thanks for sharing.

The Early Birder said...

Cracking shots of the Wheatear. Warren, I also enjoy passing on what knowledge I have but you do wonder how much 'sinks in'! FAB

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: Great shots of the Wheater.