Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Yesterday was wet and miserable, today was frustratingly windy, and dull, with just an odd glimpse of the sun. The wind was unrelenting, not the blustery kind with calmer moments, it just kept blowing!

I couldn't hear a thing as I walked over to the lake to try to find a Kingfisher, which i failed to do, only the usual MALLARD and MOORHEN were there. The scrub was devoid of 'seeable' birds, they were driven deep into cover by the wind, and as I couldn't hear above the roar of the trees being blown around, I gave up and decided to to a skywatch at Migrant Alley.

As soon as I sat down I saw a pair of SPARROWHAWKS going over, but not much else was about, a KESTREL hunted over the Maize, until a JACKDAW chased it off, and a HOBBY came through following a small group of HOUSE MARTIN and SWALLOWS. HERRING GULLS were plentiful, as is always the case in windy weather, but that was about it. A quick walk round the Maize crop only produced a few LINNETS and PIED WAGTAILS, but the obliging SEDGE WARBLER was seen again. As I walked home up Ashes Lane a COMMON BUZZARD soared overhead. To see four Raptors on the same afternoon can't be sniffed at, and I would once of been jumping up and down with excitement at seeing a Buzzard, so I suppose it wasn't that badder afternoon - I just wish this wind would drop a bit!

Oh! I forgot to say, yesterday and today one of the MARSH TITS was at the garden feeders, didn't take them long to come in from the wet woods!

Above is a LINNET, hunkering down against the wind.
Below is the Buzzard that flew over.

Above is the skywatching view across to the NW of my patch
Below is the view to the south, over the Greenhouse complex, the trees above the glass are the wet woods.


Anonymous said...

Cloud & wind. I hate these conditions. Even more so when they`re together.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
I think it was even worse down at Elmley , straight off the North Sea . The sun did come out 1.30ish but it didn't alter the wind .

Pete Woodruff said...

Found your blog Warren thanks to your help and will take a closer look when time allows me, meanwhile I'm about to send you an e-mail with the info you requested on Birds2blog which I thank you once more for visiting.



Anonymous said...

Hi Warren, you do well to see so many different birds in such lousy weather. Bring me sunshine, as Morecambe + Wise used to sing..

Jann said...

Warren, I finally have Internet access after 6 days...I've skimmed your latest posts, very nice bird photos, and butterflies!

ShySongbird said...

Great to have Marsh Tits at the garden feeders! Lovely Linnet photo. I have been trying to find a Kingfisher all year to no avail!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: Even when birding is bad we can enjoy a view of the threatning sky.