Tuesday, 22 September 2009

No Hobbies or peregrines this morning as I walked to work, but a KESTREL was out early hunting over the maize stubbles. A brief glimpse of a small raptor was had as it flew over the college grounds, it wasn't a kestrel, or a Sparrowhawk, I was sure it was a Merlin, but I had a very fleeting look at it, its wings were no where near long enough for a hobby, but it had a very short tail - oh well, one that got away, a Merlin would have been a patch tick!

This afternoon was always going to be a bit of a come down after yesterdays highlights, but there were two WHEATEARS at Migrant Alley, MEADOW PIPITS, LINNETS, and a SKYLARK were also present. It was a bit frustrating because of the amount of disturbance going on, - from hedge cutting, pigeon shooting, even the air ambulance, flying around low! The presence of a SPARROWHAWK over the Paddocks, Maize and up and down the hedgerows didn't help matters either. I watched it try to catch a Linnet, but it wasn't quite agile enough, and the linnet lived to fight another day.

The maize stubbles just outside my patch were ploughed in today, and many Gulls were watched drifting over to feed on the plough, it probably wont be long now before the stbbles at Migrant Alley get ploughed in, so maybe i'll get something new drop in for the month, a Lapwing wouldn't be too unusual.

Above is the Sparrowhawk, being chased by a few ROOKS
Below is, I think, a Common Darter, not looking its best.
You might have to click on these pics and enlarge them for a better view


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: I always think it is neat when the big birds are chased by the little ones. This looks to be the opposite case.

Dean said...

"You might have to click on these pics and enlarge them for a better view"

I`ve just added words to that effect on my (todays) update, Warren. Spooky, isn`t it....

Nice pics, mate.

ShySongbird said...

The Common Darter on my post looked a lot like that Warren and after seeing more red looking ones I started to doubt my ID but Greenie kindly confirmed it and explained they get more of a beige/brown colour (which I think is what you implied) as they become over mature.

Rambling Rob said...

Great birds interaction shot of the Sparrowhawk and Rooks, Warren - sunlight catching the Sparrowhawk nicely too.

I was checking id on a Common Darter today too and one of the features is the yellow striped legs apparently - showing in your shot I think.

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
So you almost got the merlin ;-) Well that will be for the next coming days I guess. I went out tonight only to see the common species, nothing really important in terms of number of species.

Kingsdowner said...

That photo of the rooks and sprawk is intreguing - a trick of the angle making one rook look like a raven...... have you got one of those this month?